1. Do you want to make your relatives and Friends into business contacts and use their sympathy to help you sell inexpensive knives? No? I didn't either when I was a kid

  2. I know you can read. It clearly says customer sales and service. It also offers several unique advantages. Aaaaaaand you can work from home.

  3. Cutco cutlery. First you have to buy like a 500$ demo set out of pocket. Then you go door to door trying to hawk this sub par cutlery to randos. It’s a scam.

  4. Run. This looks to be targeting students needing extra cash to become door to door salesman. Probably ask you to make appointments with family and friends first to sell them products then move to random people.

  5. RUN FAR AWAY THEY ARE AN MLM!!!! You won’t make any money, they will make you sell to your family, and they target students because they think they are stupid and will take any opportunity that comes there way.

  6. Run. Run fast. I used to work in "welfare" and so many of my participants got hosed by this company thinking it was an actual job. Nope, nope, nope.

  7. Might as well say in the description..."Be apart of an award winning team of professionals with career growth opportunities in a highly valuable and lucrative environment with a unique grasp of obtaining management solutions on solid data and a thoughtful analysis of market realities throughout the general area of business advancement and marketing the upselling of obtainable projects through a diverse portfolio of profitable earnings through numerous potential agendas"

  8. I’ll never forget my “interview” with them back in 2007 or so. It was supposed to take 20 minutes, I was there for about 90 watching a whole knife demo. They cut a penny with their scissors and asked us what we thought, like we were supposed to be blown away…

  9. Selling knives door to door. I fell for this in 2009 as a 19 year old and seems things still haven't changed. Interestingly enough, the knives are pretty fucking good lol. Not sure why they don't just sell them in stores.

  10. That's the bit that hooked me! I still have my demo set haha. One of the worst jobs ever but the cutlery is actually pretty decent

  11. lmao i went to a demo for them when i left HS, i guess it was an interview? what they fail to tell u is that they only pay u for doing demos that u have to schedule! also the demos are 45 minutes lmao it’s not hourly pay it’s a MLM trying to target children

  12. Oh dear Christ I fell for this back in the day. Sold one knife set and realized this shit was fucking whack. Wtf was I thinking getting a sales esque job as a violently introverted loser?

  13. Oh, gods, no...This is a door to door salesman job selling knives. You have to buy your own knives to do the demonstrations you're expected to give to make sales.

  14. God no, I'd say I'm surprised they still exist but MLM fortunes have been showing up in politics. They were like vultures around college then "wear a suit to the interview" like they're picky.

  15. It’s sort of like an MLM. You’d be selling knives. If you’re a sales oriented person, it can be legit. But it takes a lot of time and energy. Some people can sell salt to snails. I certainly can’t. But some can. It’s hard work. Probably not worth it though. They make you buy a demo set and you only get paid if/when you sell knife sets, which are hundreds of dollars. Relatively small market of people who want to spend that much money on knives.

  16. Also note: it is not 21$ an hour… you get 21$ for every appointment, and this ain’t the case if you sell the knives as they say you out earned the base pay. So if you absolutely bust your balls selling knives door to door AND to your relatives… You could make a few grand this summer. OR do the same at a regular job.

  17. Yeah don’t do this. I was 17 and went for an interview with them once and they gave super mlm energy and it felt like a scam. Glad I never went further.

  18. I sat thru one of their scam presentations once, got to the point where they suggested I cash in my 401k so I could pay to work for their company. The really fucked thing is that 2 girls and one guy were writing a check when I was bouncing out the door. I knew it was a scam from the first slide but I drove all the way there so it stayed thru most of it out of curiosity.

  19. Applied there 20 or so years ago when I was in my early 20s. Noped out before the interview when I found out what it was. They called me to ask where I was when I happened to be out drinking with my friend so I told them off.

  20. 6 hour post from someone asking for advice about one a company that's fairly difficult to do research on without tripping over scam claims. No responses in that time. I wish my faith in humanity wasn't trash but kinda feels like karma bait. If by some miracle this is legit you may want to hide the city which is listed as the sender.

  21. everyone saying this is door to door is wrong. just putting that out there. its cold calling and appointment setting which is worse imo. i have one friend who made a lot of money doing it. just depends on the type of person you are. if you really like sales i would recommend a door to door company like vivint over this.

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