1. I had just moved in to an apartment in Tulsa, OK after sleeping in my car for 2 months (while working at Baskin Robbins), and had $3 to my name until my next paycheck, a week away. I had to go to work the day after i moved in, but my car was running on empty. I had made a deal that morning to meet up with a guy at a gas station close by to sell an old smartphone I had for $30. Drove to the gas station, but they no showed. I had to put my last 3 dollars towards gas just so I could drive back to my apartment.

  2. Highlights the downside of suburban planning in America. The poor can’t live in the expensive city so have to commute. Public transportation is non existent or very scarce.

  3. I did some budgeting and I found it interesting that I cannot make it in most of the US but I can make it in the Bronx. "If I can make here. I can make it anywhere." Thats a lie. The moment you cut the car out you a little bit more money but if I live anywhere else, everything will go towards housing and car.

  4. Forcing people back to the office doesn’t make sense if you’ve been working from home all this time. It never did to begin with. Sure you can’t hang out as much with co-workers or “family” but typically if you have the opportunity what would you take? Seeing co-workers every day or actual family?

  5. If people start wfh en masse then major corporations are going to take a huge hit. No more fast food lunch rushes from people needing to eat on the road with 30 minutes to spare. Starbucks will be sunk without their morning commuters. People trying to escape their shitty work life with sugar and shopping addictions will instead find peace and comfort in their homes for free

  6. My workplace hasn't made a decision on the work from home policy but my boss mentioned it so I said that I hoped we would stay WHF because of the rising gas prices. She kinda cut me off saying that would never factor into managements decision. In the back of mind I thought it may not factor into their decision but it will factor into my decision to remain employed there. I have a paid off gas guzzler that I don't want to trade in. I need a commuter car but used vehicles are at an all time high and I don't get paid enough to buy a new car and/or I won't be able to get financing because my student loan debt is essentially a car payment. I can't move closer to my job because I was able to get a 75 year old starter home in the bad part of town which hasn't lost value but hasn't gained value either while other areas of the city have houses going for record values over asking. I am getting squeezed.

  7. Now we just need these companies to stop pretending to offer WFH jobs when really they're hybrid or just regular in office jobs.

  8. If there was any sense in the world, we would use the boost that Covid gave to home working comms tech to really put Oil in our less celebrated history.

  9. A better solution is to build cities for density, like hives. Not those disgusting excessive suburbs. And building a huge public transport network and that can largely work on electricity. No need to make the society a lonely, alienated perma online hell

  10. My daughter was in the ER yesterday and I was supposed to take her for a follow up with her primary care doctor and I literally do not have the money to drive 1.5 hours round trip to do that. Instead I have to ignore the recommendation that she be checked again today or tomorrow or take her to the ER again, which, being in the USA would end up costing an arm and a leg. I told the nurse this and she sympathized but insisted my daughter still be seen (4 years old and has RSV and an ear infection, they want her checked in case she needs me more IV antibiotics although she is getting oral antibiotics).

  11. It won't end well, sadly. I remember in 2017 when our area ran out of gas completely due to hurricane-induced shortages that our bosses basically sent out a mass-memo that said "If you don't show up to work because you don't have gas, consider yourself fired. Find a ride."

  12. You got any skin for sale?? I'm a big skin connoisseur. Preferably rash free, but I'm willing to take what I can get. For some reason not alot of folks selling skin these days.

  13. Same. I left restaurants for delivery because the money and freedom was a lot better. Finally got out of debt and started squirreling away for a newer car, and suddenly my fuel costs are up almost 30%. If this keeps up, looks like 18+hr days are back on the menu.

  14. Hopefully not long. Meanwhile Joe Biden suggests that you just get an EV. Take that 40k you got sitting around, and buy an EV. Problem solved!

  15. A motorcycle would make more sense. A 100cc can make as much as 45km per litre, they're way cheaper both in price and maintenance, and can be faster (quicker?) than cars. Rainy days suck but the pros outweigh the cons IMHO.

  16. Stopped looking/applying to jobs that don't offer at home options. Don't drink, don't smoke, pretty tame person, just saying I don't have the "wasted money" and trust I'm not judging at all, I just can't afford it. But anyway I can't drive across town for some interview only lasting an 30mins to an hour. All of this is just so insane to me, if I could afford to GTFO. I would of left years ago. I really don't get how anyone is making it right now. God damn this shit is soul crushing.

  17. Tomorrow if that direct deposit doesn’t hit. I had to ask Hr three times to put me back on the payroll so I can clock in and out like the fucking robot theh believe me to be. Still haven’t done it. Almost want them to try and get away with not paying me after begging me to stay. The disrespect is wild

  18. The bullshit that we put up with so big oil can keep making tons of money! It’s all unnecessary but whatever they charge we accept it.

  19. Im from Poland. We pay 1.9$ for ONE LITER. Galon is 3.9 l. so one gallon in Poland cost aprox. 8$... And we are much poorer... Minimum wagę here is 4.25 $ per hour... Average apartament (at least in my area) cost is 280$ (media not included) for 29 m2. Im lower middle class (or higher low class, depend who You ask) and i earn 800$ per month (9600$ per year) 5/8. (this is not minimal. Minimal is 550$ per month - 6600$ per year. And Youre talking that gaś prices are high.. My dudes.. Your tears are sometimes sweet to me. Becouse we live that way for decades now... At least we got 25 days of paid wacations per year and almost free healthcare. Im not tryning to offend You or call u weak. But warn You. Brace yourselfs, you can be milked and squeezed much, much more...

  20. You must remember, American cities are build around cars, it’s common for people to commute +40kms every day and public transport is almost not existent… an ROOM (in a share house) in LA would be 700$ a month + services, and healthcare 250$ month, also 250$ for vehicle insurance, food is also more expensive. And wages are 2000$ a month average:c

  21. I put in my two weeks today because my company is an hour away and would rather lose their contract then give a gas stipend, back to poverty nowhere.

  22. Literally doubled the monthly budget. $100/week for 2 cars…. Work is very pro work site…wish me luck as i wach my savings go down the drain.

  23. All I see is an opportunity to create a robust public transport network and eventually phase out car ownership.

  24. Hahaha hahaha! AHAHAHAHAH! I WISH I WAS OUT OF GAS! I pulled up to work today to have my brake pad fall off as iparked. I have to call out of work Monday because my car is out of brakes, if I make it home tonight alive. If only I had the time to change my brake pads working these 60 hour weeks.

  25. If it's only one you should be fine to drive on it home but please be safe and give extra room just to make sure. Mostly the issue is it will cause the other brakes to wear much faster.

  26. I know my wife got gas today it was insane 37 dollars omg.... And I was like thank the Lord I'm not some dum dum that bought some gas guzzler.... Love my civic 40 mpg and 11 gallon tank

  27. I’ve done this before. Told the boss I didn’t have the money to buy gas to get to and from work. He already knew I was struggling with my finances so he just accepted it. I had to use my ETO for it but it got me 2days off until payday.

  28. I was laid off a little while ago because the company I worked for ran out of work for me, and just being out of highschool I don’t have a lot of the experience that jobs paying the same as what i was being paid at my old job were asking for (I made $18.50 CAD an hour, 43 hours a week) and so I started doing doordash to make some money. And I have in fact run out of gas and not been able to work. Some of the deliveries I have to do cost more in gas then I even earn from the delivery. It sucks, because the prices of gas just keep going up, and they’re even worse here in canada then they are in the states. Gas where I live is $5.37 USD per gallon for regular.

  29. When that happens for continued period of time, it’s possible some deal will be reached with Russia as a compromise and then many countries will begin to buy Russian’s oil again.

  30. The beauty of car culture. It requires you to deal with brutal dictatorships and support them, so you could drive your selfish little metal cage

  31. I already lost a good worker to the gas prices/Covid. I have no control over their pay. His gf had long Covid and can’t do much physically without being in immense pain. She’s slowly getting better. Now they’re struggling to make ends meet because she can’t work and now it nearly costs him double in gas every week. Offered a hardship schedule to give him more hours and less days worked but he had found something that paid the same only a couple miles from his house.

  32. Pretty good reason to work from home. The more I think about it, office buildings have been redundant since the internet has been widely available.

  33. My roommate just filled her tank in CA. $86. She refuses to drive to work if it gets any closer to $100. Granted, she could do her entire job from home as she just sits at her computer all day and answers emails, but her company doesn't allow anyone to work from home.

  34. We'd hear about it and it would lead to an instant "you're fired" or a manager saying they budget for gas over wants so why can't you?!!

  35. As if anyone gives af if you don’t have gas. They’ll tell you to walk, cycle, and if you can’t they’ll find someone who will.

  36. Used to work at a place 5 mins away from my apartment in the vehicle I have I got gas roughly every 2 to 3 weeks. Now I 100% WFH get gas roughly every 2 months.

  37. That happens already. Dude ALWAYS had $ for weed, called in because he couldn't fill up his tank and get to work. Bitches he has a low check. Lather, rinse, repeat every pay period. Needless to say we all rolled our eyes and told him to kick rocks when he wanted to borrow $ for gas.

  38. North American car centric culture means we have no flexibility. Gasoline has very low elasticity of demand in the short term. We can travel for leisure less and save that way, but yay, now our lives suck so oil companies can make massive windfall profits? In the "olden days" we'd tax the shit out of those profits and use the money to build transit, etc, now we just shrug and let them send the money to tax havens and executive bonuses, which then up in tax havens.

  39. I did this once. New job hadn't payed me in weeks, got my first check on the 3rd day I called out, and a "free" gas card bonus.

  40. I guess that depends on how much someone needs to job there’s always public transportation bicycles and feet, that could be used as an alternative mode of transportation.

  41. Yeah, let me walk the 12 miles to work. Or ride a bike. Can't do either of those on the highway so it will actually take longer. Not everyone lives in a city.

  42. No, there’s not always public transportation or bikes or walking for everyone. I’m ridiculously frugal and was only able to find a place to live which was affordable about forty miles away. I commute with my roommate.

  43. Probably troll but I'll bite: I was already paying $75/week to get to and from my job, and it's not just another $40 a month gas in my area has doubled in just two weeks

  44. I have to put premium gas in my car and drive 30 mons each way, plus errands. It's really becoming expensive. I'm bot gonna quit my job and I have the luxury of working more as much as I want.

  45. That’s an ironic name, capitalism has nothing to do with the problem at the moment. But yeah no everything bad is just greedy capitalists… somewhere.

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