1. This is looking great! Personally I would tone down the tail going so far up but it works great as an artistic choice. The run cycle feels like you're using a horse which is very clever, you can really feel the contrast of the ups and downs between the torso and rump but you should have some more up and down on the head, opposite of the chest to really nail this.

  2. Frame 3/4, the left front leg gets longer and doesn’t move forward, and frame 5/6 are similar enough that it feels jumpy. You did a great job!

  3. Looks great! I recommend giving the head a slight back and forth movement. The way it stays in place is a bit distracting to me, because four legged animals use their necks and heads as leverage to propel themselves forward. So head “back” when the feet are collected under/end of stride, head “forward” as the animal throws its front legs forward at the start of a new stride. You’ve got a hint of it, but I think it could be exaggerated more to give the illusion of speed

  4. Thank you all for the lovely comments! <3 Extra thanks to those who have given feedback! :) I will be taking your comments on board and tweak it before I line and colour. This run cycle was based on a deer, (a very grainy video of one x) ), but I gave it a bushy tail since I wanted more practice animating long tails.

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