1. I had a ferret show up on my porch before, I didn't know what it was, but it was friendly to people.. possibly hungry, but I rescued it, and rehomed it. It was so cute! That's how I discovered what ferrets were..

  2. I used to own a pet shop, but never sold them. People realize that they smell bad (especially the males) and they immediately regret getting them. I did have one though, they act somewhat like a cat with no manners.

  3. the wild bird fund normally does bird rescue but they have connections to other animal rescues in the city and sometimes rescue non bird animals. reach out to them for help!

  4. Please don't feed any ol cat food to the ferret. They need premium, high protein, low carb cat food. It would quite possibly be cheaper to feed the dude real meat instead of pricey cat food. They're obligate carnivores and need meat, organ, and and bone in their diet, high in protein and fat, low in carb and fiber.

  5. That's a ferret. They don't exist in the wild please either rescue it yourself or bring it to a shelter/rescue place it won't survive otherwise

  6. Does it small really strong, like a skunk? If not it was someone's pet. They're a lot of fun but need a lot of attention. If it's surviving outside on its own, just make friends with it. It'll take care of any rodent problems instantly

  7. Yall are too kind, many thanks. I have let her know and if anybody knows a ferret rescue in and around NYC please do feel free to let me know, My research showed the New York Ferret Rescue is closed and i couldnt find a rescue or a place that would shelter this guy

  8. The internet tells me kitten food is acceptable for them. It’s probably starving because it doesn’t know how to hunt. Providing kitten food could help acclimate it for when you need to catch it.

  9. Have you called the ASPCA facility? If they won’t take it, they will know who will. Animal control would also likely work with rescues.

  10. You can always call the zoo and ask if they know any wildlife rescue organizations that might take a ferret. The zoo won’t take the ferret because of permitting and USDA regulations, but they probably have connections in the community that can help. You can also call an exotic pet store and see if they have suggestions. Not all pet stores are ethic, so I’d try the zoo first because it is a regulated industry.

  11. Aww, sweet lost baby! I would use canned cat food if you need to trap it. They’re illegal as pets in NYC, legal in the rest of NY state, so you may need to travel a little for a rescue.

  12. Check for a NYC ferret owners Facebook group. If someone lost there pet they might post there and you might be able to help reunite them!

  13. That’s a ferret my brother, they’re wonderful pets and don’t get the love they need and people get rid of them. Please give him a good home.

  14. It looks a lot like a ferret to me but could be a weasel. Here's a link comparing the two. There are wild ferrets

  15. You could reach out to closest exotic animal vets in the area and let them know- in case a client of theirs is missing. I lived in Manhattan with a ferret and took her to a exotic vet there yearly for a check up.

  16. You can feed her kitten food. They’ll eat dog or cat food but cat food is easier and kitten food is healthier. After that you can stick her in a pet carrier for safe keeping, but she’ll need a bigger space to live in. Put a couple towels or old shirts in the carrier for her to sleep in. They can use litter boxes but they aren’t always good at it. She’ll poop in corners if she can. They sleep almost all the time, but when they’re awake they go nuts. Have fun and be safe.

  17. I just had the thought that it might be microchipped. If you do catch it a vet should be able to scan it for a chip, and hopefully find the owner. I don’t know how often people microchip them but it’s certainly possible.

  18. If he is a pet one the sometimes have tattooed ears I think. Depending where you are and if there are friendly old guys feeding them it could be natural.

  19. Ferret. I used to have a fe/male pair years ago. Sadly, when one died, the other passed away of a broken heart a week later.

  20. They’re actually pretty awesome pets: basically perpetual kittens: intelligent, always inquisitive, playful, industrious, and diurnal (so they’re not awake all night.) They sleep quite a lot and tend to find the quietest, least accessible spot to do so, but when awake they’ll seek out their human or something fun to do.

  21. ferret. Give him love and food but not access to your bedroom. I rescued one for three days before I rehomed him with other pet ferrets. “Pierre” got all of my potatoes from under my kitchen sink cabinet and then proceeded to hide them not only under my bed but within the underside of the beds boxsprings.

  22. I found a white ferret a long time ago while driving (it was eating roadkill on the road). I was surprised how friendly it was as when I stopped it ran up my legs. I tried a few nearby houses for information, and then luckily a nearby Vets took it in. It had an embedded collar so I don't know how long it was in the wild for.

  23. Definitely a ferret. I found one behind a Coke machine. No on claimed her, so I kept her and named her Gwen.

  24. Sable ferret to be exact! If there are dots in it's ears it's marshal farms and has been decenter and neutered 😋

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