1. I just wanted you to know that I think you are incredibly gorgeous and sexy. You take time to get over your toxic relationship before getting to involved in another relationship. Actually it isn't any of my business I just hate ehen I hear that a lady was in a bad relationship. Men are to cherish the lady and treat her like a queen. You deserve nothing but the best. I enjoy seeing your gorgeous face and spectacular body. Look forward to seeing more. 🧑😘

  2. I wanted to tell you whoever marries you. Is going to be one lucky mf because it's hitting the biggest lottery or hitting oil on own property worth billions. If I get either one, will you marry me Babygirl, lol. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with me πŸ’˜. Ttyl8er My Gorgeous Friend 😍 πŸ’

  3. Hi Darling, I don't have a question. But I've praise for a beautiful and sexy lil lady with a pretty smile. Are you single or taken sweetheart? If I don't want to be with without you anymore, lol. I'm joking, whatever word pop up quick spell I went with it, lol. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with me πŸ’˜ ❀️ πŸ’• Ttyl8er Gorgeous Friend

  4. Iv got niffing but would love to shear a home and to shear me as a real man but at the end of the day, what do u won't out of me?

  5. I would be perfectly fine with him doing that as long as I knew. If I walked in on that it would be because he was cheating on me. That’s never good.

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