1. it simultaneously has some of my favorite and least favorite bits in one episode lol. it's near the middle of the pack for me.

  2. I loved the ending. The rest is "meh" (albeit not really the worst episode), but something about I laughed my ass off at the ending.

  3. i like the episode. i dont know if id call it a favourite but it is really memorable. i sort of see it as like a marker of something i could only see american dad doing because its so weird and random but they made it work

  4. I usually skip it, but on the occasions that I forget to, that one song at the end where the family is dancing like they do in Charlie Brown just sends me every time😂😂

  5. The first time I watched it, I didn't understand it and didn't enjoy it. After reading the explanation on an old reddit post here, I rewatched it recently and enjoyed it a lot more. It's not in my top but not in my bottom either

  6. It took me several times of watching it and a cursory explanation of why they did it for me to get it - it's one of my favourite episodes now lol

  7. The B story was really dark, given the dark humor of the show idk why this gets to me, but it does. Every time it comes up in the episode I just desperately wait for it to go back to Fung Wah. Similar to OP, it sticks out to me personally as one of the funniest bits.

  8. I'd be able to stand it if it didn't have so much live action stuff. I get it, Seth - animation is expensive, and it probably saved a ton of money - but live action has no place in an animated show, at least not that much of it.

  9. I appreciate the time and love that one poster had to have had put into that theory as to why the episode was made, but I just think it can't possibly be right. For starters, most metaphors on TV are never so heavily veiled. Yes, AD isn't most shows & if a show was to do something like this, it could be AD.

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