1. My theory is that they got legal advice to stop talking about AMC, so they don’t get hassled and hauled in to testify like DFV did.

  2. I am wearing the same tin foil hat. Many of my favorite YouTubers who promised they would not go away have been uncharacteristically silent. I mainly talking about my favorite robot YouTuber

  3. Really? His Momma? I’ve never seen Trey past the subs, don’t need to, but attacking peeps family is SHF style low.

  4. I guess nobody saw the value of having people broadly push the stock if you’re hoping for a squeeze. Yeah let’s just attack them instead. Lol.

  5. The shitty thing is that I,as a person who works 60 hours a week behind a bar, it was nice having their recaps and such. They were easy to smoke a cig and ingest some info... now it's mostly gone. TMI is still my go to but he streams less frequently. Biggums as well.

  6. A few good 1s still stand. Donahue, butcher, csi, lottery, biggums, phil, trading emotions,amc mafia, And a few others

  7. Imagine making a living saying the exact same thing each day for nearly 23 months. It would make you go crazy. Superchat Matt is an actual piece of shit loser, though.

  8. It wasn't sustainable to keep talking about AMC. Trey was doing all-day streams before he did two updates a day and then one. There's just not that much to talk about constantly --

  9. the only YouTubers I watch is Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t. Extremely thorough information he brings to the table.

  10. Well nothing happened and I guess that’s the problem. No squeeze yet. Some got bored with it and took off to other platforms to focus on other positions which is fine because there’s really nothing left to do with it but wait. THE SHORTS HAVE NOT COVERED, THE SQUEEZE IS STILL COMING. 👊🏼💎👊🏼

  11. You can do dd and l watch YouTube the way you want. Just as Reddit and Twitter we have a lot of content. The skill is what we like to digest

  12. I’m pretty sure the government is only allowing state sponsored news on the subject. Probably going to have to go to RUMBLE to get your video updates.

  13. Probably alot of DOJ, and FBI heat around the topic now. Not a great thing to closely, and publicly attach yourself too.

  14. They are still there but have opted to expand content, constant AMC coverage when nothing happening can be tiresome so they try to offer more. Yes, some have started to sound kinda shilly as well. And for some reason they don't automatically show up on the 'Recommended' tab even if they are subscribed to. Maybe YT/Google has something to do with that.

  15. They're gone. It's ok, all they ever did was regurtitate what SS and this group would post plus TA that doesn't work on this particular stock.

  16. YT were noise...Perhaps some crossed the line with their comments and received a letter from a law firm to accept an NDA or lose everything in a lawsuit? What are your thoughts?

  17. They made their money and left. They were never in AMC but they are making a lot more money than we ever will.

  18. They bit off more than they could chew. No one thought all us idiots would still be here. They couldn’t cut it, can’t say I blame em. They get a lot of hate but in the beginning they drew a lot of eyes.

  19. What's left to even make content about? The DD hasn't changed in 2 years, the play hasn't changed in 2 years, we all know what to do and it's just a matter of waiting

  20. It is pump and dump schemes, they got the surprise like DFV and it's gone. They lost the element of surprise and will not happen again. AMC will never pump like that before again but it has potential to return value over time as long they can show improvement on Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.

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