1. If you don't have debt, then you have assets you aren't utilizing. Ergo you are a bad company to invest in. AMC will win.

  2. It's hard to compare Apple's debt to AMC's debt given the differences in their assets / cash flow. But you're absolutely right, company's carry debt and it's usually a very healthy part of business.

  3. The price of the stock does not keep amc out of bankruptcy. But attending your favorite upcoming movie and purchasing goods at the concessions will help!

  4. Same. I came here bc the shorts were supposed to get squeezed in a short period of time. The narrative has changed in this sub from short squeeze to AMC fanboys while asking for AA to give us a reach around and at the same time thank him for it. I just want to make my money and be done with it already.

  5. AMC already converted their debt and have guaranteed not to go bankrupt for the foreseeable future. This already happened. A squeeze at this point would be in their best interest as well as ours.

  6. This is an odd narrative. Most companies have debt of some sort. It costs a lot to open up new locations, purchase other companies, have working capital, etc. and when you can pay 1% or 2%, why not?

  7. Tell me in which economy does it make sense to consider this situation good, where the only way the said company can make money is via constantly dilluting and sellng their own float, instead of actually producing money via their services. I might be no financial expert so please enlighten me. And yes I still have my shares here, didn’t sell anything, so try not to “ oMg A sHiLl” me.

  8. AMC refinanced all their high interest debt and is actively expanding into high traffic locations and getting theaters on the cheap. Doesn’t really make sense to pay off low interest loans when inflation is this high.

  9. With respect this is nonsense. Check historic short squeezes and their relevance to the company debt levels, they don't add up. Will it help fundamental AMC value? Yes. Will it by itself cause a short squeeze, no.

  10. AA is creating more stock against our wishes. The hard truth is AMC isn’t a profitable business so he will keep issuing stock as long as you keep buying it. The stock will dilute further and further and further as this goes on.

  11. This play is like avocados and SHF are cartel, we just decided that they control the price and fuck over everyone so we will continue to just buy and hold the whole damn farm

  12. I saw something on the interweb where cartels took avocados and somehow replaced the seeds with cocaine. It was crazy, the avocados were still whole but when they cut into them there was coke in there....fascinating

  13. Even if the economy does crash, movie theaters are still one of the more relatively affordable options for family entertainment and with Avatar 2 and Black Panther coming up, AMC is going to make a boatload of cash in q4. That combined with selling APE shares will put the company in a much healthier financial position I think and help them continue to chip away at debt and get on track to being cash-flow positive. Once microwave AMC popcorn drops, a new revenue stream will open up, plus this whole thing with Hycroft could be huge. I thought the squeeze or at least another fake squeeze would have happened by now, but the future looks bright for AMC and I for one am not going anywhere. AA is doing what he thinks is best to strengthen AMC as a company, which means a better financial position, which kills the short thesis. Thus, #checkmate. He thinks APE is what will put the company on the path to being debt free, and once that happens, anyone who is still shorting them will look like a fool. Especially with the slate of movies lined up for 2023. Patience is a virtue young Jedi.

  14. I don't understand why a company wanting to lower debt is so horrible. if getting debt free is a bad way to spend money then a lot of apes are going to be broke again after MOASS.

  15. It's that hrs doing it in the backs of shareholders and unable to do so with the company he's running. Meanwhile he's profited millions on you guys holding...

  16. I’m almost 3 years “long” atm. I’ve passed the “f’k it wall” months ago. Meh…Still HODLing and buying. Close to 10k units now 😎

  17. What are you rambling on about? We already saved AMC from bankruptcy. What they do now with our money is up them. So far it’s back room deals with hedgefunds.

  18. Face it if AMC was doing well, he wouldn’t be issuing shares against the will of its shareholders. The business model is broken and it’s not going to get better.

  19. Given that amc has high short interest and 100% utilization since February. Sounds like the play is working fine. If SHF can just create shares to help there algorithms then while we wait for them to slowly bleed our company is working toward being debt free. This is further destroying the short thesis and will cause margin calls.

  20. Amc shareholders won't be the voting entity...tgis is the exact reason aa is considered to have end abounded amc shareholders by issuing ape. He now has another 4.6 billion ape shares to issue at his will, and all APE shareholders will get a vote to convert ape to amc after issuance...squarely putting amc under .50 cents per share at current $$$....on book value something like .05 cents.....but he's your savior so follow him to the cavernous pit.

  21. I disagree. People will go to movies. I don’t think AMC will go bankrupt , and it’s because they’re gonna eliminate that debt.

  22. Rothschild and illuminati are fake shit conspiracy theories man. Makes me uneasy about believing anything yall post. I'm here for stocks and money not bs conspiracies

  23. Dude you can call them whatever you want but we all know the elites at the top are friends. It’s called networking. You don’t think they’re helping prop each other and their families to continue their path ?

  24. I never understood the “amc will squeeze with gme” you make it sound like amc is reliant upon that. Even if it wasn’t, when gme does its thing then amc will follow.

  25. I don’t believe it’s reliant upon that. But we’ve all heard of these basket stocks. They move together. Including BBBY. I have like 10-15 BBBY

  26. It’s not the Rothschild’s. They are so passé. Everyone who knows anything,knows it’s Jesus who is holding the apes back. He keeps forgiving mayo man, and GG.

  27. One thing to remember is that during economic troubles movie theaters generally do better (historically speaking). People will pay to forget their troubles and escape for a few hours.

  28. I doubt it does better than when people had "free" thousands of $$$% in their pockets and had just come off a year lockdown..?¿¿?

  29. Of course we believe in the power of the squeeze. Let the shills try to convince you of selling. It can gent to 1 cent, i’m not selling. Simple

  30. Two takeaways- the DD hasn’t changed and the shorts haven’t closed. Everything else is just FUD. Their new tactics are Asymetrical Warfare. It is all one sided and they make it look like everyone is against us! Soon, the government is going to have to turn on their biggest contributors! Then things are going to get very interesting! Everyone knows it’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of when!

  31. All I know is that AMC getting out of debt lessens chance of any bankruptcy. Second these hedgies are borrowing money. Griffin sold some of his stake. They’re losing money daily

  32. U conspiracy nutcases are ruining the ape movement. Did the same thing with occupy wall street. There is real corruption out there but spouting off anti-Semitic Alex Jones bullshit makes the entire movement look crazy and turns a lot people off to the cause. This looks like the real psyops.

  33. It’s one way to raise the stock’s underlying value, by eliminating excess debt from the company books. It makes the company look safer to bet on, as they have debt they can raise if need be (not that they necessarily want too, it’s just a nice card to have, come time ie depression next year).

  34. Yeah pay of 1.5% debt now tgat way when you need $$$ again, since your core company can't turn profits, go borrow during a recession at 6% .......makes total sense..lmal

  35. The biggest miss on this sub is revolving the investment on squeeze timing, without conviction in the company. I was excited when numbers started pouring in on ticket sales like Maverick. Proving theaters are alive and well and that people still prefer them for blockbusters. Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time and guess what’s coming to theaters soon? The best way to facilitate MOASS is to buy and hold AND go watch a movie with extreme gluttony at the concession.

  36. Good choice to not stream maverick during its month long movie theatre debut....too bad it's only movie that occurred with basically, and likely biggest movie going hit for tgis year and next 5 to come,...blockbusters like maverick aren't annual events....I mean think of all the movies cruise has done, and maverick was his biggest

  37. So, if lots more shares are coming available and the company continues to lose money, exactly what is going to force the shorts to cover and not keep their positions? The only hope would be a regulatory crackdown of some mind.

  38. Well then AA needs to stop picking up theaters and creating debt but why listen to someone that owns 2 different bizz and knows that he’s using us to bankroll his stupidity

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