1. "Registered holders" are shareholders who have Registered their shares directly with AMC's transfer agent - shares still in brokers are "beneficially held" by the brokers on their customers behalf, but are actually owned by the brokers themselves (incidentally, this means they can legally ignore your vote if they want to).

  2. I have had my Shares registered for about 8 months now. It’s nice. If you’re with fidelity, it’s as easy as requesting over chat.

  3. Nice catch and clarification on the 10k number that are DRS w/ Computershare. I've had a block a my AMC w/ CS since last Sept. and holy shit is that a Iow number considering the size of our hodler base. I knew that DRS never really caught on with AMC but damn.

  4. At least 5, they created 3 billion in Feb of 2021to keep it from taking off and 2 billion in June 2021 to knock it down from 72 and they’re still creating new synthetics

  5. Glad people might be coming around finally. Got downvoted to hell for posting about DRSing my shares and suggesting others consider doing so.

  6. Believe it was 60,000 registered voters holding 70,000,000 shares for an average of 1100 shares per investor. Given that we had and still ha e over 4 million investors that suggested massive amounts of synthetic shares.

  7. Just to add, it isn’t your broker that lends them out in every case, per se. It’s just that if Cede + Co hold the shares, they can be used as locates for new shorts. Effectively, if your shares are held by any broker, they can be ‘lent’.

  8. The 10,498 number means a person or company who owns the shares and has their name, address and number of shares recorded in AMCs books. So for instance whoever DRS'd their shares would be one of them. This would also include brokerages, MM, and hedge funds if they own the shares. Most people who didn't DRS (I'm one of them) own their shares "in street name" only. Which means the brokerage holds the share for them. I have provided links for those who wish to read them.

  9. You might be right. I hope Adam Aron talks more about this during the shareholder meeting and explain what it means.

  10. I only DRS 1/3 of my shares and the rest is in fidelity with a measly 150 in stash app back from December 2020. I’m thinking of DRS’ing the remainder 2/3.

  11. Insider shares are not considered part of the "free float." When they were sold, they became part of it.

  12. No, that is simply stating that AMC has 10,498 holders of record, not that this group owns the float … I mean each holder of record would need to hold 49,230.3863 shares each for your statement to be true = so, your statement is incorrect

  13. If that’s the number of registered holders then how does AA have the 4 million info? (Fully expect there to be an obvious answer that I’m just not aware of)

  14. 4 million was the total number of shareholders. This specifically says the number of registered shareholders. The total number of shareholders they would get reported by all the brokers that hold shares for their clients. It's only when you directly register your shares through their transfer agent, that you become a registered holder. Otherwise your shares are held in your brokers name.

  15. It has been so long I simply cannot remember, what are the thoughts on selling DRS shares when MOASS happens? Is Compushare set up to handle the high volume of individuals on their system all at once wanting to sell?

  16. You can still register your shares, you will have to contact your broker during hours that customer service are working. Ask them to DRS your shares through computershare

  17. I only own 17 shares of AMC and it will apparently cost me $300 to DRS them via Questrade …more than the current value of them. Any advise?

  18. I had the same issue, I transfered my shares from wealthsimple to BMO, and then DRS'd from BMO for free.

  19. Via brokerage, you have to ask the broker that holds your AMC shares to DRS your shares via computershare.

  20. It feels pretty good to know that I'm part of that small number but feels shitty I'm not allowed to say it openly on here or explain why it is the way :/ .... When moass hits, I will not have to have read pages and pages of reasons and ways my shares can be liquidated or fucked with. Pay close attention to your brokers alterations to their terms and conditions people...

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