1. Morbius is honestly the best movie I’ve ever seen. I know it sounds crazy, but it touched me. I came thrice while watching it in the theatres. I’m so glad we finally get to see Jared Leto, my favourite actor of all time, in the role of Morbius the living vampire. I thought the plot of the movie was very entertaining and original, and I never could have seen the twists coming. This is a really good change from all this Hollywood propaganda we’ve been fed over the last few decades. The industry needs more people like Leto to play such diverse roles. I could really see myself in the character Morbius, he’s really relatable and fun and quirky. Overall, Morbius is the best cinema experience I’ve ever had and nothing will ever top it. I’ll cherish this memory for the rest of my life, I’ll remember the fabric of the seats and the sweaty atmosphere in the theatre. When Morbius first got on screen, me and the other man who went to watch cheered as loud as we could. I was so lucky to be able to have an almost empty room to see the movie so I wasn’t annoyed by exterior noises while watching. In fact, every time I went to rewatch it now that I think about it, the room was empty. My guess is that everyone was so shocked by Leto’s incredible, revolutionary and profound acting that they had to leave the room. I’m repeating myself, but Morbius is and will always be a true classic, a masterpiece between trash movies from money-hungry studios. When I tell myself I’m watching a movie, Morbius is the kind of cinematic experience I’m waiting for. It was way better than The Batman (2022) and now my favourite movie of all time, a direct cult classic. I’d recommend avidly. 11/10.

  2. Given the documented history of Sony fucking over the TASM duology I don’t think they get credit for it. Same with SM3. 4/10 ain’t too hot in my book.

  3. Ngl, I'm willing to give Sony a pass for their shared villain universe until we see where the journey goes. Venom 1 + 2 are pretty enjoyable despite being quite messy. Morbius wasn't good, but I think that the character itself if handled by different writers could have potential. I feel like the make it or break it film will be Madame Web. If they can pull of a multiversal movie themselves w/o the MCU it might be a nice addition.

  4. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was mid and the first one was really good, but could have been better and Sony apparently tampered and had some important things cut out. Same can be said with the first Venom, where IIRC, Tom Hardy’s favorite scene was one that wasn’t even in the final cut.

  5. Disney hasn't made a good Spider-Man show (yet because they are making the new Spider-man Mcu show, so My point still stands for now)

  6. TASM2? Really? Sony was the one who fucked the movie so hard it's this incredible mess of a film. They don't deserve any credit at all

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