1. I don’t know if they’re back open yet (family death), but “got donuts?” has above average kolaches and old school donuts. The kolaches are not as good as down state, but they’re good.

  2. I really like the breakfast tacos from El tapatio on coulter. Rise and shine, and got donuts both have pretty good jalapeño kolaches.

  3. Seconding El Tapatio. I've yet to find a breakfast taco I like more. With one small footnote for the shrimp & egg at Fuzzy's.

  4. If you’re driving through any day but Sunday, The Bagel Place is where you want to go. Their breakfast burritos are the size of your forearm. If you’re a food wimp the breakfast taco is the same food, but a smaller portion. Their bagels and cream cheese are also most excellent.

  5. Brunch Truck of Amarillo! He parks in a lot behind the bus station (7th and Harrison). Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch foods, has vegetarian and vegan options too :)

  6. If you’re looking for breakfast tacos, Torchy’s is good. The have some different options that you might not find at a typical breakfast place.

  7. Recommending donut stop kolaches in Texas is practically a sin. I've had better kolaches at a gas station than at donut stop

  8. If you want both fast and decent, along with reasonable price do Taco Villa on Coulter or Rosa’s on I-40. Ask for their hottest hot sauce. Burrito Stop downtown is great as is their green sauce, but not near as fast as Taco Villa and Rosa’s.

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