1. I bet good ol Gregory Mitchell is having a shit fit right now that another company is gonna impose on his monopoly. Now open the goddamn floodgates and bring allsups and whatever else here to give him a run for his money

  2. Allsup’s might come back due to the following they have, but I think other convenience stores are gone until Mitchell croaks.

  3. If I was talented I would make a meme that says “I don’t know who Gregory Mitchell is and at the point I’m embarrassed to ask” with Andy from parks and recreation

  4. Someone on Facebook (huge grain of salt) said there’s the potential of one near Love’s on Hollywood.

  5. Yeah it's been rumored for a while about HEB and Costco setting up shop around the Southside of the city where the most growth is happening. Hopefully it'll be a reality soon. Soon as either are built and open. Walmart, Sam's and United can all go straight into the bin.

  6. Absolutely. Buc-ee’s has been teasing us for years, especially after they put up the billboard outside of Vega.

  7. I’m happy to see TNT get some competition, but does Amarillo need more gas stations, truck stops, or convenience stores?

  8. Apparently - it was Buc-ee's who chose the location, not city of Amarillo officials. The reasoning does make sense, however.

  9. Does anyone know any recent news about this? I noticed the barricades for the rear access road have been moved so that the SpeedCo customers can use the road again. Does this mean the Buc-ee's for Amarillo fell through?

  10. There have been no court documents filed in the court case since mid-May. Here's the latest development that we posted on our website.

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