1. Exactly. There’s a strong chance there’s life out there somewhere. There’s a much lower chance that they’re highly intelligent and have found a way to circumvent the seemingly impossible tyranny of distance in space to get here

  2. This is the very definition of an “alien” that they are beings here on earth that are not of this earth. I’m not going to venture down the path of green aliens from another planet, because who knows maybe they come and go randomly. But when you think about the other dimensions and the scale of microscopic and the macroscopic there are most certainly other sentient beings existing on the physical plains of this planet. In all likelihood there are probably beings of nth dimensions that can see us but we have no way to perceive them.

  3. Space is not real. What you call aliens are actually multi dimensional beings that take forms of greys reptilians and shadows to appear in our reality

  4. Funny how the claims of abductions went down dramatically once everyone started carry phones with recording devices. Same with bigfoot sightings.

  5. Remember though, life on other planets could be something as simple as bacteria. While that would still be fascinating, the real question is weather or not sentient life exist somewhere else. Your point of statistics absolutely still stands, but just pointing out that it’s harder to argue sentient life exist with those statistical numbers.

  6. Even if there was a god, we'd be talking about a being that is so intellectually huge that it would be inscrutable. Mercurial is a nice, pithy word to describe it, although it, too, is insufficient.

  7. Believe at least some of your fellow Redditors, not here for money, fame or other BS - sharing in the hope of answers. We are not alone. Who they are or their intent, dunno. But we need to get on top of this and reclaim our planet.

  8. 100% there is someone/thing. I’ve seen them. I don’t necessarily think it’s aliens from space…. I think they prefer us to think that, and do a lot to present the illusion that’s what they are. But what the hell do I really know? ¯\(ツ)/¯

  9. We don't know the probability of abiogenesis. If the likelihood of that is rarer than 1 divided by the number of stars in the galaxy, then there is a good chance we are alone. There is simply not enough information to say "If it happened here, it must happen on other planets like ours". To assert that aliens must be everywhere is a thought that is not based on science. It is based on a human bias against thinking that an event we know occurred once must therefore not be rare. The scientifically correct position is "we don't know yet and we don't have enough information to draw conclusions"

  10. Space is vast, time is deep and lifespans are extremely short. Would you expect to see a shark in your bedroom during your lifetime? There’s a certain arrogance to assuming that because aliens must exist they must also be here and now. If fact, thinking about it again now, it’s embarrassingly arrogant.

  11. I disagree. Using your shark example, it’s like standing on the shore (having a certain idea they exist) and saying “I can’t see any, so there mustn’t be any at this beach”

  12. This. And I still don't get the logical leap so many on here are taking. Yes, the statistical probability of life developing elsewhere is pretty high. No, this doesn't automatically mean that blurry dots, questionable eyewitnesses and crop circles are irrefutable proof they're here.

  13. What a monumental waste of energy, space, material if all that exists is the life on earth. From the earliest of age I’ve never been able to fathom this relationship. I think it’s more terrifying to believe we are the only planet with life than to find out much more exists.

  14. So, a single cell organism exists a billion light years away. Aliens are real. But now what? I t's very different to something in the sky or talking about who build the pyramids.

  15. Not statistically impossible nearly, just statistically impossible. There is life on this planet, obviously, there is almost definitely microbial life of some sorts on mars and potential for life possibly on Europa and other candidate moons. So life on 2 planets in this system. The odds of there being life in other systems is tremendous. In fact, given the stats we know about our own system….the galaxy should literally be teeming w life. But to your point it is ignorant and arrogant. Not just in your opinion, but in reality as well

  16. Aliens existn there here they have been here it's sad how many ppl have seen or had experience ms with them that people just claim are nut jobs. That's how the government keeps shit a secret they make you believe it's a "conspiracy" and try to discredit you at all costs.

  17. In October, an object passed through our solar system that looked an awful lot like a spaceship; astronomers spent much of 2016 arguing over whether the weird pulses of light coming from a distant star were actually evidence of an “alien megastructure.” An army of Silicon Valley billionaires are racing to make first contact, and our new superpowered telescopes are discovering more conceivably habitable planets every year. Also Pentagon repeatedly stated that there was no such object like use aliens in their military inventory.

  18. I was in 4th grade when a guest teacher showed us one video on how big the universe is and what and all simultaneous events could be happening there. next was biology class and teacher was teaching germination and a girl asked how a plant can grow on the cracks of her wall? For that the teacher wrote on board "life always finds a way".. that awestruck me for days and made me realize that if we are thinking that only on earth life found a way then we are probably still evolving to accept few facfs 😇 For years I thought about what could be there and why our govt is denying their existence and I came to a conclusion that some nut head will definitely try to communicate with them(it's all radio waves as far as I understand) and could open lot more possibilities of threats.

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