1. Have I been doing it wrong? After shooting I drank a bottle of Vodka that then pissed on the rifle to neutralize everything...

  2. Yep. Never a bad idea to pour plenty of plain water through the barrel after shooting old 54r. Doing this will dissolve/wash out the corrosive salts that deposit in the barrel from firing which is the primary culprit in corroded and eroded bores if I am not mistaken.

  3. The primary ingredient in Windex that neutralizes corrosive salts is water. Windex is a waste of time. Just pour or hose some water through the barrel and action. Dry and oil.

  4. Yes. I just recently went though this. Shot about 300 through my Krink and forgot about it - I don’t usually clean my AKs. Pulled it out the other day and had spots of rust and such. Had to give it a bath in powder blast and break free. She’s ok now, but don’t neglect to clean after these.

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