1. I had to do a double take when I found out he voiced the Lich AND Slade from Teen Titans. Like wow, u traumatized me twice dude, nice job.

  2. Watching this clip for the millionth time because it’s the most badass scene ever, I’ve realized it’s the leftovers of billys face falling off that make it so haunting.

  3. Well sometimes there’s fancy words and sigues and gestures, but that’s when he’s combatting that type of magic (moms sticky note in Together Again)

  4. This is my only problem with adventure time the lich is the main villain then he turns into sweet pea but then besides an appearance of the jake-lich hand you never see him again

  5. In Crossover the lich hand spilts multiple times and goes into every reality. He’s still out there, he’ll find a way, he will not rest until all light is snuffed out.

  6. But. The speech he gives to KoO & Toronto in "Gold Stars" is magnificent. Seeing The Lich boil up from inside Sweet Pea in response to the fear he was feeling? And watching those two cons start eating mud as their minds crack? Wonderful.

  7. season 6 episode 2 - escape from the citadel i believe :-) idk how to get clips or else i would post for you

  8. I love how it's animated as ot Finn has no eyes. Makes the darkness surrounding his interaction with the Litch more visceral. We can see him but all Finn hear's is some menacing voice thats getting louder calling himself the end.

  9. Death is already a character on the show. The lich isn’t death, he is the end of all things, the embodiment of entropy. He is the ceaseless wheel, the last scholar of chaos, he that shall shroud the multiverse in darkness, the inevitable end.

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