1. My boss just acknowledged that I have it and told me not to worry about it too much: as long as my work gets done and I don't slack all day every day, I can take my breaks whenever I need them.

  2. They let me know nicely, if I’m getting distracted. We have a start of the week meeting just to recap what needs doing. We don’t have pointless meetings and when we do have meetings, I usually take in something to play with (nail file, pen and paper for doodles) I have flexi time so if I’m late I can make the time up. If I’m getting bored with what I’m doing and get distracted with something else I can let my boss know and more often than not he’ll let me do the other thing as long as it’s productive. (Reenergises me to go back to the original job) They don’t get overly funny about mental health days.

  3. I haven't had to bring it up with my boss (but I am 99% sure she has ADHD too, she is soooo kind and positive, every time I mess up she has a story of when she did the same thing or worse lol)

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