1. Rent a canoe or kayak at National Park Canoe Rental at Pond’s End on Long Pond. Then you can float around in the water with the loons which is even better than seeing them from the shore. If you want to hear them calling, go closer to sunset.

  2. The highlight of our trip a few weeks ago was at Lower Hadlock Pond in the morning where a loon was hunting fish right off shore from us, maybe 20’ away! We stood and watched for 20 minutes, and the loon didn’t seem to mind our presence

  3. Last time I was there I went for a sunrise paddle on Jordan Pond and not only did I see a Loon, my husband did a loon call (he’s oddly good at it) and the loon responded! Albeit confusingly, but it came closer to it. Still a super cool memory - good luck to you!

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