1. I’m going to try to slowly accumulate decks for each GX character. I have Neo Spacians and HEROs now, as well as Fossils since they were just recently released and I’ve never played them. Will probably go for Dino’s or Volcanics next.

  2. Good luck with the chemical archetype (water dragon) deck. I made that not too long ago and in 10 games never got a suitable hand. Couldve been my deck building but it was bad

  3. Darklord despair is super fun to play I play rikka witchcrafter dragonmaids shaddoll and cyber dragons currently building dinos right now

  4. My favorite cards are blackwings. I have a pure blackwing, blackwing/raidraptor, winged dragon of ra, adamancipators, true draco, drytron, zoo/tri, code talkers, Ben-kei otk, and currently building plunder patrol.

  5. How viable is your benkei? I stopped playing in like 2010 and came back for MD. Benkei is one of my favorite decks, I haven't been able to build a good enough deck to compete with the ladder.

  6. Dragon Maids is my favourite because of how consistent the deck and it is almost as good going second as it is going first. The decks I have are Tri-Zoo, Adams, Tri-Ancient Warriors, Evil Eye, Dragon Maids, Sky Strikers, Invoked Dogmatik Shaddoll, Mathmechs, Crusadia, Marincess, TrapTrix, and Virtual World, World Legacy, & Darklord Despia

  7. My favorite is Blue eyes, it the deck that got me into yugioh. But I also have a Toon, Kuriboh, and gambling decks.

  8. Right now I have Gravekeepers (my personal favorite), Ancient Gears ( which is currently tearing it up in the fusion festival), Unchained, Monarch, and am thinking of making a Hero deck.

  9. I have a 98% pure glad beast, gladiator brigades, zoodiac brigades, Baroncipator Madness, metalfoes, cyber/dark, fluffal frightfur, despia frightfur, odd-eyes pendulum, photon galaxy, and pretty soon, a hybrid hero deck.

  10. I have DDD Mekk Knight/Crusadia Orcust/Crusadia Gouki and Salamangreats (and trying to build prank kids and HEROes) and my favorite decks Crusadia @ignisters and heros

  11. I got turned onto the impcantation engine to summon blue eyes chaos max, and its really satisfying when I can get my blue eyes out, give my opponent one of my impcantations with 0 defense and otk with the double piercing damage. Such a satisfying combo.

  12. How well do grave keepers work in your experience? I'm thinking of making them but no idea if I'll be at all successful

  13. I think my current favourite is swordsoul, but maybe it's just nice and new. I have both the auroradon version and a normal tenyi, then a totally abandoned drytron(I really didn't like it), zoodiac Tri/pure tribrigade, invoked dogmatika shaddoll, prank kids and despia. I've almost built a sky strikers as well, trying to find a control deck that doesn't rely on floodgates

  14. Started with and still love using ABC's. Currently using Cyber Dragons and trying to figure out a Cyberdark list.

  15. I'm a boomer so I like old cards and decks. I played the TCG before the ban list ever existed, so I have old decks. Blue Eyes, Gravekeepers, Lighstsworn Chaos, Danger Kaiju and Phantasm Spiral. Have two accounts and funnily enough have better cards and decks in my alter, I have very bad luck on my main.

  16. Until Despia and Albaz came out i played mostly Dark Magician and DangerDarkworld/Lair of Darkness and i still think those two are some of the best decks i played, i got to plat 2 with Dark Magician in seasons 2 and 3 then got bored a bit by it.

  17. I have a pure Lightsworn build which mimics the physical deck I take to hobby league, and others I run are Red Rokket, Pure Rokket, F.A., Metalfoes (and a second version just for the fusion event), and Synchron. Then I'm halfway through building D/D/D's and Magical Musketeers.

  18. I only have my Synchron deck. I got the Synchron starter and discovered that I loved Synchro summoning. I don’t really know how to play any other deck.

  19. Favorite is Metaphys, first used them in duel links and liked their playstyle of banishing and was really satisfying activating daedalus to banish my opponents monsters and although they kinda lose to 1 negate and are greatly weaker without macro cosmos/dimensional fissure or even the field spell active they still have a very special place in my heart

  20. For me, it’s Trickstar, Generaider and Traptrix. I do also have a fortune lady deck as well as Gimmick puppets (underpowered but so fun!), and I’m currently building Sky Striker, Despia and Endymion. The only problem is that they’re all half built and I can’t decide which one to finish first 😂

  21. Guess the hours dont really tell how many gems you could have gotten since a lot is daily or event based when you dont wanna whale

  22. Picked up the game maybe 3 weeks ago, got eldlich and dragon link but no staples like Maxx or Ash, just the core decks

  23. I'm making lot of decks but the ones that I have finished are Thunder Dragons, DDD, Evil Twins, Chemicritter, Inzektor, and a Battlewasp Digital bug deck I made.

  24. I have Despia Darklords, @Ignister, D/D/D, Phantom Knights, Virtual World, Time Thief Raidraptors. I want to complete Code Talker (This shit expensive yo) and Zombie World (oof)

  25. My favourite deck is virtual world. Coming from Hearthstone (which I still play), I love to play control decks mostly and even found some combo decks fun so VW serves both roles, and VFD is truly a very fun dragon.

  26. I have Sky Strikers, Prank-Kids, Pure Zoodiacs, Adamancipators, Pendulum Magicians, Code Talkers and Crusadia. Can't really think of a favourite deck because I cycle through them a lot but recently I've been grinding with Prank-Kids and having a lot of fun and success. Being able to run a combo deck with Skill Drain is just too stupid lol

  27. My main deck is a weird mix of water cards mainly to get kragen and other rank 4 water monsters out, I've also got kozmo, love twins, and spyral built

  28. Paleozoic full trap. Unchained, lair of darkness unchained mix, borrel dragon, cyber dragon, drytron demise, red dragon archfiend, shooting star dragon, time lord, blue eyes digital bugs. These are the ones I generally use.

  29. Kaiju-Relinquished is my all time favorite. But the first deck I ever made was Tri-Melffy. Recently went back to remake the deck and I’m enjoying it for sure!

  30. Invoked/Witchcrafter is the main deck I play since i got back into Yugioh. It's been mostly fun. I've toyed with Trickstar, Mayakashi, and Dragonmaid as well.

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