1. Think that'd be a cool addition, even if they do it so they do common hard to break boards with some of the more accessible solutions.

  2. I think a lot more is coming, with the flood of content we got recently shows they’re listening and going to keep the game alive as much as possible

  3. i love this idea, it would be way better than playing with a loaner deck we have no idea what are the correct combos to do

  4. honestly with the fusion festival loaners are there combos you can do? it honestly doesn't feel like you can combo with that hero deck... i'm pretty sure super poly just bricks you because it has no generic targets like mud dragon or starving venom so you'd have to pray for your opponent just to leave destiny heros on their board for you to make dpe with

  5. They can just recycle old duel puzzles from old games and duel links. thats easily a ton of contents worth right there

  6. That would really be a great addition and much more helpful to learn the game than getting random loaner decks youve got no idea how to properly play against some actually solid decks that would be fit for the ladder

  7. I think this would be a cool inclusion too, and it'd be a really neat way to earn some solo-mode rewards, but sadly with YouTube and streaming everywhere the solutions would get out probably before they were even released. The problem with a puzzle is that once it's solved, it can't be solved again.

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