1. Bonus YSK: This may be obvious to most, but just because something is in a documentary doesn't mean it's the truth. The only reason I feel the need to say that is because when I was but a young whippersnapper, I thought that if a documentary lied, people would hold the makers accountable for trying to lie. Now I'm positive that shit doesn't happen.

  2. These comments read exactly the same as when I tried to write 5 star reviews for my sister’s business using multiple accounts.

  3. Maybe I've been influenced by advertisements in such a way that I've started speaking the same way? Or it could be because I'm dutch and my way of phrasing things is a bit unnatural?

  4. Also, if anyone had qualms about the legality, I recommend getting a Curiosity subscription! I paid 20€ for 12 months. Pretty good deal

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