1. I wish we had gotten more time with this group honestly. Jamba juice lady cracked me up with "It's gonna be chaos, how am I supposed to pay for my shit." Relatable.

  2. Loved her rant! "Well I need an answer bc apparently slapping the numb c*** isn't correct....and misdemeanor assault" 😁

  3. On a side note, is this usually how the colour in the episodes looks for you? Because it looks like you're trying to watch HDR video on a device that doesn't support HDR, and the colours get washed out as a result.

  4. I'm with you !!! also not even bothering with the others but everyone who's saying "they could tell this story in 1 season" WE DONT EVEN KNOW THE WHOLE FUCKING STORY !!!! omg, miniseries have ruined people. also betting these are the like 16-20somethings who need a new show every year and don't appreciate quality storIES kept coming from beloved characters. they want one story with a ribbon and a bow on it, back it on a shelf and move on. UGH.

  5. EXACTLY! I am honestly mad this got a season 2 because I wanted it to get Midsommar meet Canadian wilderness FAST. This should have been a mini series. Instead of cutting back and forth between the future and past why not have season 1 been about the wilderness and season 2 been about the grownups. Then we wouldn't be spoiled about who survived or not. Pilot was great but each ep is dragging. Hopefully we get to it in the last ep

  6. Everyone is spoiled from mini series. Sometimes long form storytelling is good and serves the over all story better. I want all the answers now too but I’m also enjoying the ride.

  7. I’m sure I’m in the minority but ep9 was such a letdown for me. I never thought Jeff was cheating, I thought maybe he was planning an anniversary party. But him being the blackmailer because of money problems at work is lame.

  8. I 800000% disagree with you. and anyone who gets mad at a show that has more than 1 season... is this why so many amazing shows get canceled? because people are so impatient and don't care about what the story actually IS but just want a specifically-tailored-for-them short of what they want out of it? what you say you wanted is totally unrealistic. teenage girls wouldn't just start killing and eating each other.. there's been a reason for all the build up, and flashing back and forth.

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