1. This has to be the dumbest cope i ever see in this reddit. I bet all people calling for ER will be pulling next time Yelan comes for her c1 and Aqua until then you are "team ER"

  2. I run the same arti set and compared my damage with my friend that ran eosf both of us had c3 i did way more damage both of us has xq on the team.

  3. At C2, it becomes more efficient to use supports to buff Yelan herself than using her to buff another character. A Sac Sword XQ and a Favonius Kazuha with good funneling can get her Burst back almost already full (not to mention the massive dmg bonus from triple Es per Burst). OP, your build is impressive enough; even with EoSF it’ll take months or even longer just to get near identical substats, better save the resins for Sumeru then. Try out Hypercarry Yelan, Ya’ll find it very addicting lol, seeing her Burst tick at 25k+ per ray and 80k+ per E

  4. No you dont need er op! i run Yelan with double hydro and xq sac sword with raiden and funneling every particles from my teamates into Yelan, even the enemies particles gives my Yelan energy when I kill them fast oh and dont forget I use abyss buff that gives me 20% er, i dont know wht people keep saying build more er, thats nonsense, Im NOT SACRIFICING dmg for er? Hmm what was that you said ? "avg dmg every rotation is more consistent when you build with er ?" but i like seeing bigg numbers every hit , Bursting aint a problem for me!! Do you see my Yelans stats , you dont need er when everything dies in one rotation !!!! Huh what about abyss? I already told you!! Raiden with fave, fischl with fave, xq with fav they all feed my Yelan er ~~

  5. You are right, but with this you must run your Yelan in this team to have enough energy. You can say that the more ER Yelan have, the more independent she is from her teammates, and at the same time more universal. It is question about value of this universality. Personally, I think this is well worth it, so I run Yelan with 160% ER and C1 but if you are sure, that you don't mind grounding your Yelan to one specialized team then you should do it.

  6. I literally run double fav and use her on field with 150 ER. I still sometimes have issues when no death particals/enemy’s die to quick to proc/misplay/fav no crit and lose like 5 seconds.

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