1. My first wizard was a fire wizard. Currently, I have wizards of each school to see what school specific spells are (I think my favorite school has to be Death). The fire wizard is still the one with the highest level tho.

  2. I did the picker and got death. My wife got ice, said hell nah, and made a death. Nothing against ice, but she has her predilections.

  3. balance. not exactly an ideal pick to go for a beginner lol but i only went with it because i did the quiz. i even remember her name being julia sparklestone. gone but never forgotten :,)

  4. Death. 13ish years ago I was a free to play player, bought a few areas and managed to get to level 31. Then I came out as trans, made a new char (also death), stopped playing for a few years, recently got back into it and beat Malistaire for the first time last night :) solo! Lvl 51

  5. I played ice when it was like 2009, got it to level 50 or so. Then in about 2017 I made a new account, and made my storm character. My storm is hitting at around level 105 currently. Im working on a death wizard level 21 currently

  6. I did literally the exact same order! Ice from the school quiz c. 2011, storm when I replayed in 2016 for the attack & current highest level, and death in 2021 for the all-around/soloing skills :) great minds think alike lol

  7. I've got Fire in that personality test in 2012 but my playstyle changed with time and now im more of an support player but fire i still my main main wizard

  8. My first was Life! I chose all the stereotypical life answers and only sealed the deal by picking Jade randomly when asked my favorite gem.

  9. My first wizard was a fire wizard because I was honest on the quiz. I tried a few other wizards out but somehow Myth ended up my main. Think it's because he's dressed as an OC of mine I really like

  10. Death because account was made at friends house. When finally made own account started to hang with the storm gang

  11. Myth because I did the quiz I think. Made it to cloudburst forest in AZ, lvl 89 then deleted my wiz because I had an obsession with starting over when I came back to games 😭 I think this was around when KS came out

  12. I’m pretty sure it was death but I deleted it. I made another death wizard though and it’s my first max one 🔥

  13. Ice Ice Baby!! Seems so weird that I played the “tank” class but in all other games I play healer or ranged dps. Wiz isn’t really comparable to other games in the MMO genre, but it’s still weird that my wiz vibe is completely different from other games

  14. WAY back in the day I was fire but I made a new account in 2016 with a death wiz and that's my main character now

  15. When I first started when the game came out, I was fire but when I really understood the game and got into it, I went with balance

  16. I took the test in 2011 on a dodgy pop-up ad. And I got Ice. Put in an email and password. And found out in 2018 I’d been playing on the Europe server. Then switched to USA (North American) server in July 2020. And never looked back at Europe server. Im happy I moved. My first school on USA is a Life.

  17. mine was myth. it was what i got from the test and i loved the uniqueness of it. now i main a storm wiz lol

  18. Balance, ended up having all maxed(when the cap was 120) except Myth and fire and got banned and still never found out why, have a 150 life and Myth now

  19. Fire! While I still have the character I don't use them anymore, and I plan to make a new Fire Wizard now that I understand the game better!

  20. I was a Balance wizard in 2011, and picked Storm as a secondary. My next character was Ice/Life, and had considerably more success.

  21. Waaaay back when the game first came out I rolled as storm. Played until level 10 maybe and seen someone have a wraith pet and I just had to have one. I’ve been Death ever since!

  22. my first school was balance because my cousin said it was the best school (he trolled me). It was pretty challenging since it was my first wiz and I didn't know the game well at the time but I still maxed it out when lvl 90 was the cap.

  23. Back when I was in 5th grade, when the game first came out, I played Ice. Didn’t even know wtf was going on and managed to get to lv 28 without even finishing Krokotopia. Fast forward to 2015, when I picked the game back up, I settled on Storm.

  24. Oh man, it's been so long... haven't had access to my first account since around 2011, but I believe my first wizard I played was a balance back when 50 was the cap.

  25. I made my account in 2010 (or was it 2009, can’t remember) and my first ever wizard was a life wizard! now when i play i play with a fire wizard. my life only ever got to level 78 or so💃

  26. FIRE🔥 Then I played with lots of storm thought the dmg was good and switched. Never looked back. But I might want that level boost for my death

  27. My very first school was fire. I got to the paywall and started my life. Fell in love with the school and decided to go with life over fire. Deleted my fire (stupidly).

  28. My first school has to be storm, I just like dealing alot of damage it feels satisfying but I do get a little bit frustrated when it fizzles lol, the good ol times when I prayed that it will work

  29. My very first wizard was fire. I was like 8 and that's what I got when I did the test in the prolouge. Now my favorite is death 💀

  30. Life, but unfortunately one I got him to max at the time witch was 100 my account got hacked and I lost everything so my new account my first wiz was Myth

  31. I don't remember. Probably Myth or Fire. But these characters have been gone for so many years now. But when I got my own account(I shared one with my mum before), it was Life and she ist still my main 'til this day.

  32. I'm not 100% sure but I'm somewhat confident that Life was my first school! And now all these years later after returning to the game I remade him and he's still my main :)

  33. Storm was my first ever character made it to level 50ish before I up and deleted it found it was too hard to quest back then. Celestia had just come out and soloing was genuinely not possible. Pets were also just becoming a thing and getting a pet that was not completely random stats took waaaay more effort then it was worth. I ended up making an ice which was the complete opposite made it to about level 58 before I up and deleted that too. Finally I played fire...and have never looked back.

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