1. This is something the community REALLY needs to get after. I get it was 'rare and exclusive' and this will keep it 'rare and exclusive'.........

  2. Is this current or past? 15k for a 55% mount isn’t actually horrible. Especially considering this gear and mount was locked behind a massive pay wall and was super exclusive.

  3. $140 for Ambrose's bathrobe and eWheels. Couldn't think of a clownier clownsuit for the distinguished whale.

  4. This is actually a very valid argument and concern, why tf did it’s price increase x10??? Reused assets should at least be the same price, this is scummy as hell to do to the player base.

  5. Was this the price in Europe? I don’t ever remember it being priced at 15,000 crowns in the US, it was just part of the crown rewards event for spending an absolute ton of crowns.

  6. Reasonable price? 5 dollars are like 2,5k crowns, do the math… And just for one permanent mount and weak gear. My gosh-

  7. I won't be buying that crap. It's purely cosmetic I don't have an obscene amount of crowns and I wouldn't waste them on just one outfit. If this was a multi set of sleep wear clothes then I would consider it but it's not. This low poly Reskin wasn't worth what it was back in the day and still isn't to this day.

  8. The first time it released it was 225k to get the whole set so never as far as i know, idk where this screenshot comes from

  9. On the European servers before the transition to their new servers, they were selling things absurdly cheaply, including here.

  10. This offer has never been on US servers, it was on European servers when they were about to close, they had like 90% more crowns when buying so this 15k crowns was something like 8-9 dollars as much

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