1. I have a friend whose spouse is transitioning in full support and celebration and what strikes me in every photo of her now is joy. Joy in her expression that I never saw before. Witnessing someone blossoming into joy is wonderful to see.

  2. I've learned that happiness is something that exists and rage and despair aren't the only feelings there are to have. I've been on HRT for 96 days and I feel like a totally different person, I'm a new woman

  3. “Blossoming into joy” is indeed very apt. It sums up how I’ve felt since the weight of “wearing the wrong life” was finally lifted from me at the end of last year.

  4. The card is from the “Believe in your own magic” oracle deck, and I drew it on Saturday when my own confidence about parts of my own transition was on a low ebb. My “egg” cracked last Christmas and this year has been an absolute whirlwind for me. I’ve completed my social transition, and am waiting to start my medical transition.

  5. This so much. My wife is so much happier now. We still have a lot of ground to cover and progress to make but things have noticeably improved for her.

  6. I wish your wife the very best on her journey, it will be difficult at times but it’s so worth it. And sending you both love and light.

  7. You are awesome, I've never been in a relationship but one thing that spurred me to come out was seeing people with supportive partners, like a love that transcends gender or whatever.

  8. Sometimes I get so discouraged, I feel like I need mountains of reassurance, I am a woman, and I will (eventually) maybe even be to a point where I might consider myself pretty. But that's a long ways off

  9. I feel that way too sometimes even though I’ve completed my social transition. The constant battle with body hair and beard, and with bottom dysphoria is so wearing.

  10. "Sisters and brothers and non-binary others" is so much nicer that my usual "bitches and bros and non-binary hoes" 😅

  11. For me accepting my identity as a trans woman came after decades of anguish and despair. The patriarchy literally wants us dead. The world tried to beat my femininity out of me, and they almost won. Now that I am finally allowing myself to be myself despite all that baggage I am I finally feeling a reason to live. Being trans and in the closet is like not living at all and I regret waiting and letting my fear control my life for so long.

  12. Ngl, as a non-binary person I don't feel psyched about being referred to as an "other" when the entire experience is so othering to begin with. I wasn't going to say anything intially because this post is sweet and wholesome, but I really hope the phrase doesn't catch on...

  13. I’m so glad that you’re living as your authentic self, and that you have a partners who’s fully supportive. That’s a beautiful thing and I wish you both so much joy.

  14. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve not been in a good place of late. My DMs are open if you need a sympathetic and understanding ear to chat / vent to.

  15. Wow that’s really cool! If it’s not too personal may I ask what the discussion with your spouse was like about transitioning? Obviously every case is different and I certainly don’t mean to sound transphobic at all, but I personally am only attracted to one gender and would find it difficult to accept if my wife wanted to transition.

  16. My wife’s reaction on the Christmas morning when I broke down in tears (of relief and joy) and said to them that “I finally know who I am, and I’m a woman” was basically “Thank the Goddess! At last!”

  17. I love this so much and I'm glad your wife supports you. My wife came out to me a couple of months ago (egg cracked in spring) and it has been wonderful to see her joy. I love seeing her embrace her true self, it's like a massive weight has been lifted off her shoulders. She's taking the social transition slowly (only out to a few people so far) but she started hrt last week!

  18. Congratulations to your wife on finding her real self and having started HRT. Wishing her all the best on her journey and you both on your journey together.

  19. Middle of Oct will be my 2-year mark for trans-itioning and this is the happiest I've ever been. Still just 42 years old, but I have so many more to look forward to now, thanks to my wonderful partner and her support

  20. SUPER ACCURATE. You can’t attain confidence without attempting to conquer at least several dragons, failure or not. That whole ‘you learn things every time’ statement is beyond true. I’m made up of failures but they take me to the most interesting places

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