1. Why the fuck would you headbutt a car when you're actively engaging in a fight? Hey buddy let's fight, I'll just get you started and get a good headahot in for you first. God dam idiot!

  2. "Imma intimate you by showing how impervious to pain I am, what's nearby... uh nothing convenient tbh, but if I bend down way too far I can sorta hit this really soft part of the truck panelling with very little force, demonstrating nothing about my toughness and leaving myself way too open."

  3. It is stupid af. I think he intended it as a "I'm crazy, don't mess with me" kind of thing, and oh how that backfired lmao. The whole leading with his chin while keeping his hands down thing was also a big brain god-tier tactician strategy too

  4. Ah HIMALAYAN Joe, do they not have any moonshine or meth over there? He talks like he thinks he’s invincible.

  5. I think the person filming is in the back seat. You can see the back edge of the front door in the video. It's likely a lifted crew cab filled with bros, AKA bro-dozer.

  6. I don't know how I just noticed the general look of confusion on the dudes face who hit him. When he headbutts the truck he like squints his eyes like wtf you doing?

  7. Lol I’ll check that out now haha I was looking at the driver more, btw do you think that’s a girl or a chinless hairless guy

  8. Am I the only one who thought that was a girl?? With a naked chin and in the drivers seat, I think that’s a girl bro

  9. Anybody with a crotchhole in dad jeans with winter boots on in the summer aint to be played with, they exhausted their fucks to give at a very early age.

  10. I’ve never understood how banging your head against something is supposed to demonstrate how tough you are. It just shows how stupid you are.

  11. I had to do it a certain way i tried 3 times finally accepted this. I wanted dude gives himself a headache before he gets himself knocked out.

  12. That wasn't really that weak. Dude got some really good rotation on that shit. That was a clean hook that would have probably set him down anyways

  13. I think the punch caught him in the side of his jaw. If I understand correctly, even a light hit there can pinch a nerve, virtually guaranteeing a knock out.

  14. I always wonder why people get into fights in these videos. In my experience it's almost always over some petty bs. Also what was the plan here with bumping his head on the truck? Was it a intimiadation tactic or did he think it would boots his aderlane.

  15. I’ve been reading these comments, and I gotta ask, AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT THE MIRROR SHOWS A GIRL IN THE DRIVERS SEAT??? That’s one very naked chin and in the drivers seat I’d wager that’s a girl.

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