1. He's not necessarily dead yet in the video. He could be fully aware but paralyzed and unable to breathe, slowly suffocating while hearing people continue to act unconcerned like he's going to get up any minute. So maybe he's got that going for him.

  2. Don’t know if you were being funny or serious, but that’s almost exactly what did happen. The video only became public because it was used as evidence during the criminal investigation and subsequent

  3. Wow, that was abrupt. I think I needed that remind me that at the end of the day I’m a meaty fleshbag that had bones that are naught more than tooth picks when tested by physics.

  4. He’s in heaven right now thinking he landed the back flip and realizes fudge that fat guy in the video told me I’d be ok back flipping with no experience

  5. Was that the sound of his spine breaking? Why do untrained people do such difficult moves? What was he thinking? That the same way he could open the door, he could do a backflip?

  6. The scary thing is that a back drop is not even hard, just an average person thing for someone who has even put in a little effort to learn flips. Which is scary because that could be anyone. In fact this strikes a bit of fear in my heart every time I do a backflip off of something but I just have to think logically because I’m not drunk and I have experience right? Right?

  7. Keep in mind kids if you want to start practicing flips its all in throwing your legs back. Also be sure to jump upwards rather then backwards. :)

  8. Imagine him getting up and being like “OMG guys I did a backflip” but no-one can see him or hear him and then he looks down and sees his corpse there and realises he done fucked up

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