1. Imagine being one of the guys that has to explain how they killed the fucking emperor by going down a staircase

  2. yeh this doesn't look like an Emperor, or even someone high up on the ranking; I think it's just a bride in a traditional procession or something. From memory, these things serve to show off the awesomeness of the bride and the family before being "handed over" to the husband...

  3. Late reply, but yes. Looks like it was a small-scale parade performance for tourists, gone wrong. Couple years ago in Eastern China.

  4. I mean no attempt by the guys at the front to lift him higher to compensate for the slope. Just real shit for brains all round (and mush for brains on the part of the boy King or whomever that was)

  5. That slow, gradual, almost casual fall forward would be even more hilarious if the guy didn't have the chair land on him.

  6. I think it's quite well deserved. Thinking you're important enough to be carried like others are your slaves 🤷‍♀️ taste the ground bitch

  7. I believe it's a religious custom and I think it's horrible for her as well and usually the priests are enjoying more out of whole drama.

  8. Well someone learned a painful lesson of how physics works. Got know how them clockwise and anti clockwise moments work if there is no equilibrium there be a problem hahaha

  9. So, I got married in China… my wife was carried in something like this by her relatives. We did this in the tourist looking old China area in her home town.

  10. This reminds me of Macho King Randy Savage and Sensational Queen Sherri's ring entrance back in the day...

  11. Gotta love how the person expected gravity to also bow down to them, then finally realizing too late they are going to face plant.

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