1. She didn’t reach through and open the door from the other side because that’s probably the whole reason this event took place. Their fucking idiots.

  2. Lucky, the last video i saw of a woman climbing through a shattered door window ending up being lethal.

  3. She got so fucking lucky not faceplanting directly into broken glass. I’d take a minor head injury over a visit to A&E and full body stitches any day.

  4. Me too! First thought was “why isn’t this NSFW”. I know it’s not graphic, but considering the context of what happens..

  5. A word of advice, never, ever go through a broken window unless it's absolutely necessary (your life depends on it). Even reaching through one is an incredibly dangerous thing to do. Cut a vein or artery and you're in big trouble.

  6. Morgan Freeman: “After regaining consciousness, LaQuifa dusted herself off and decided that going home to read the bible was a much smarter decision.

  7. Maybe if you can’t stick a landing of your own body weight from a couple of feet without staggering around like a drink you should be out looting.

  8. So what’s this riot about ? BLM ? Abortion rights ? Either way they are sure showing us how much they really care about their cause. Rioting as protesting I can kinda wrap my head around. Looting on the other hand makes you look like an asshole.

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