1. Today is truly a day of serendipity! On another post about Greek letters used to describe personalities, I mentioned Chi Chi Rodriguez ( a Les Nessman gem)

  2. Got given both seasons on DVD as a gift when I was a teen. Can’t even begin to express how furious and heartbroken I was to discover that’s all there was.

  3. A tweet I rectify saw: “I just finished binging House and thought, ‘This show is amazing! Why is no one talking about it?’ Then I learned it premiered in 2004 and was the most popular show in the world for 8 years.”

  4. Married with Children, it came on right as I had to go to bed as a wee creature in the early 90’s haha, and I’ve given it a few goes over the years and the whole cast kills it… minus Seven -_-

  5. Rewatching now. They had 5 seasons. Unless you’re referring to when they only kept all the original cast? Slowly they would start getting killed or replaced for the last 2 seasons.

  6. Perry Mason! I am obsessed with the structure and different ways they can marginalize women - 50s/60s prime time TV is a fascinating window it America.

  7. Back in the late '90s, there was a very short-lived series called "Brimstone". Check it out on Wikipedia. It was very dark and violent, especially for the early time slot ( if I recall correctly, 8:00 pm on Fridays ) in which Fox aired it. Would love to see a reboot. I think we're ready for it now.

  8. Some great shows here. Scrolled all the comments, and nobody mentioned Brisco County Jr! And does ANYBODY out there remember Space: Above and Beyond?!

  9. I want to watch Lloyd in Space the old Disney channel show for nostalgia vibes, but talking about it with living humans makes me question my sanity.

  10. No matter which social media site or how many times it's asked, I will always come running into these types of posts to say:

  11. I fondly remember the middle man and Terra nova. The middle man at least got a couple of good seasons but Terra nova got shafted with just a single season

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