1. It's baffling. He buys the company, and within a week he fires thousands of employees and sends the others a 2:30 a.m. email saying the company is fucked, can't pay its debts, and may go bankrupt. Why the fuck did you buy it then?

  2. I thought he was BSing. I figured he was going to make some big public claims about sweeping changes but not really mess with much, because surely he wouldn't burn down a 44 billion dollar purchase. He's actually even dumber and more up his own ass than I thought, and that's saying something.

  3. Exactly. Even when you join as an intern you observe and then act! Elon could have left the old team and given them directions rather getting into this shit. Now he fucked up his reputation and fucked up Twitter as well!

  4. Elon isn’t a successful CEO, both Tesla and Space-x are wildly overvalued and basically no real competition, over the next few years as the major car companies decide to move into EV and produce 10x what Tesla manages I think you’ll find Elon’s grass will be cut pretty quickly

  5. Sounds like he just fired the dev with the most experience with the Android app, so wouldn't expect any updates for a long time.

  6. He thinks he's a genius. He doesn't think that he needs to understand how things work because he can just grok them.

  7. Yeah Musk 100% invited this kind of shit by publicly shaming his engineers (probably to look smart). If you don't want your engineers to publicly contradict you, maybe don't publicly accuse them of making a rookie mistake like failing to batch a huge number of RPC's?

  8. Also… fires the person who says they have a bunch of experience working on the thing he says needs fixing. Galaxy brain moves here

  9. Coworker of mine used to work at Tesla. He's told stories about working there. Rule #1 was that you never corrected Musk. Rule #2 was that you never tell Musk that something can't be done. Doing either of these meant you'd be fired by the end of the day.

  10. A different manager did this to me and my team on a client call and I hit back, clarifying that all requests were still in his hopper. He tried to throw us under the bus so I snapped back because he was talking shit about my team.

  11. This is what I thought. Why in the fuck are you trying to call people out publicly that work for you. If there’s a problem with the app, address it in the background, and when it’s done promote the fix.

  12. Musk is just throwing everyone under the bus in an attempt to distance himself from the absolute garbage fire he's turned Twitter into. He's hastily crafting the narrative that the company was already doomed and there was nothing he could have done to save it, but he tried really hard!

  13. I responded to someone calling Elon a 'genius' with, "Based on recent actions, on the spectrum between idiocy and genius, Elon may be trending towards the former."

  14. The right IS cancel culture. They only use the term out loud when others don't like something and don't agree to infinitely pay from their personal income for that thing.

  15. Maybe he should be working? How the hell does a guy who is (allegedly) CEO of 3 companies have time to spend all day on Twitter? Especially when 2 of them are in freefall.

  16. And he should stop publicizing his companies internal issues. Ok, an employee was seeking to embarrass him on the platform, not cool I get that. But seems to me that a mature CEO leaves that where it is and handles the rest internally without the public being part of the process.

  17. Yeah, honestly, what is he even doing here? Apologizing to people for poor Twitter performance is already stupid. There should be a team that monitors Twitter for downtime and performance issues, and then communicates out to end users what’s going on. Those communications should be consistent and clear. Having the owner randomly decide to apologize is already a sign that the owner doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  18. It would drive me crazy if my company’s leadership was constantly on social media instead of working. Not everything needs to be tweeted.

  19. He absolutely should not be interested in or privy to this level of detail as a CEO. His responsibilities are to see the forest, not the trees. Just shows you how confused the man is that he thinks micromanaging at this level makes sense, and then bitches about the long hours he’s working. Really not a smart man.

  20. Yeah, the people calling out the developer don't understand that Elon essentially called them out publicly for bad programming. You're going to get some kind of defensive response, even if no one knew who the developers were. We're proud of our code and what we do, and when we're not it's because management pushed an unreasonable timeline on us.

  21. Why would any dev go to work for this guy? There’s no stock options, he expects 80hr weeks, he’ll fire you over nothing (he’s notorious for it at Tesla). What, so you can have the privilege of building… twitter? Good luck hiring big guy.

  22. Yup, this bullshit works at SpaceX and Tesla when engineers dream of working on rockets and electric cars so will put up with abuse to get a chance to work on cool projects.

  23. Got invited to a job interview at Tesla for their dev team. I'd have to move to Germany to earn less and get a "flexible but tough" (translation) work environment. They're expecting to hire Senior software engineers cheaply because of their brand recognition and offer the legal minimum/profitable benefits. Also overtime wouldn't be paid because they'd put me in some manager role, even though I wouldn't really be managing anything.

  24. Twitter is going to shut down before the end of the year. Watch the bullshit he's about to pull for the holidays.

  25. One less capable developer at twitter. They're cheering one more step on the path to twitter's self destruction and elon's humiliation

  26. You'll note that a lot of people on twitter misspell Musk's name, because otherwise they attract mass quantities of trolls.

  27. The advice holds in normal, like if a boss says something wrong in a meeting, calling it out then are there is bad form. So I get where they're coming from.

  28. Seriously, he threw his own people under the bus. Even if he had been 100% correct, publicly shaming his employees is a sign of terrible management.

  29. What’s so great here, is that the first bootlicker probably listed his credentials in the hope that Elon would be so grateful for his white knighting that he would hire him lmao.

  30. I can totally see him, orange ballsack, and Kanye getting together for a freeze peach summit and raving about "dragon energy" or whatever the hell they're calling rich maniac narcissism now.

  31. And being fired by Elon probably makes it very easy to answer some tricky interview questions. They will ask him why he was let go from Twitter and he just has to say Elon fired him for no reason and nobody will question him because that is what Elon actually did.

  32. He 100% either wanted to get fired or didn't give a shit. I looked at that account after this happened and saw what he posted leading up to it. He lives in San Diego and Elon told everyone if they didn't show up to a Twitter office 40 hours a week consider that your resignation and he was already saying fuck this and openly posting about looking for a new job. The closest Twitter office to San Diego is in San Francisco (roughly an 8-10 hour drive depending on traffic) I think with Twitter's deal you get a better parting gift if you get fired than if you quit because of a clause in the contract about workers fired within a certain time frame of Elon taking over. He also probably just wanted to tell Elon to eat his ass.

  33. The HR department is probably getting a ton of overtime lately with the mass firings, at least if they themselves arent a part of it

  34. It's fine to have a positive view of someone until they disprove it. It's not your job to know what choices or actions someone will take.

  35. So shitting publicly on your team is fine but when someone corrects you it's unprofessional and should be dealt in private? Who are those idiots simps sucking Musk dick?

  36. We just interviewed a few former Twitter folks. Honestly all seemed like great folks. From what it sounds like they really enjoyed it there.

  37. The domain expert sounds like a moron, trying to pass off that Elon tweet as Elon trying to learn or be helpful.

  38. I have no idea what any of that stuff meant about domain RC whatever, but what I saw was a guy publicly throw some of his employees under the bus, one of them said “uh no,” and then the employee got fired. Is that about right?

  39. No regard for his own employees much less the world. But Trump is his hero. Maybe Putin too. He’s far too important and smart to be bothered with the lives he fucks over.

  40. Spend some time reading the actual Twitter thread. It's an absolute masterpiece in rebuking the false critique of an overgrown manchild.

  41. Makes me cringe that the "Money Nerd Techie" guy says he is a developer with 20 years experience (with bio saying he is "top 1% software engineer") and defending Elon as a "domain expert".

  42. The only time I see top x% on a Twitter bio is when a woman is bragging about her Onlyfans. What the hell would it even mean to be a top 1% software engineer? Does he only make software for use by rich people?

  43. My bet: Froenhoefer is one of the guys Musk had already fired, and therefore had nothing to lose by publicly correcting Musk for publicly trying to make the current Twitter employees look bad.

  44. If that's all it took to get him fired then fuck me that's not a place I would ever work, IDGAF if Jesus himself is the CEO.

  45. Yeah, that's the part that bugs me about this thread: everyone is assuming he was fired because of this tweet which we have no way of knowing.

  46. It would take you 1 minute to check his Twitter and see he was actually fired after the tweet instead of posting flawed assumptions

  47. Wasn’t there reports that the remaining Twitter team is forced to work like crazy hours? Also I saw this guy had job offers in the comments and off Twitter job offers, including a offer from Reddit

  48. Maybe talking shit about your engineers in public is the first problem. Fire yourself, dickhead.

  49. For me , right there. That is a clear demonstration to me that he has no fucking idea how to manage anything. I would have pointed it out in private but this attitude is exactly folks are going to look at.

  50. OP sounds like the average incel Redditor tbh. Never in my life have I heard a good excuse to threatening to rape someone, because there really isn't. Dude sounds like a tiny dick, fat loser who easily loses his shit and acts tough online smh

  51. Elon was implying that twitter's homepage was poorly engineered without mentioning this privately to the engineers

  52. Musk made an enemy of the online community. And they are many who now want Twitter to fall apart. So we are going to see more fake accounts and more tweets trying to turn Twitter into a joke. That is the way the Internet is. There are more who want to bring you down than to help. So Twitter is going to keep going down since they fired most of the workers trying to protect Twitter.

  53. Okay Langdon, let's be real here. Elon is still not gonna let you cut the queue to the cock sucking line. You're still not gonna taste the billionaire cum no matter how hard you try.

  54. Elon Musk publicly blamed people in his company for what he thinks is shit work. They aren't allowed to publicly defend themselves? What a crock of shit. Musk is a complete contradiction.

  55. As a senior developer who manages a team of developers you don't call my teams efforts shit publicly without me calling you out for it.

  56. He fired easily the most valuable or second most valuable employee. That guy was the head of the android app. The entire twitter android experience ran through that guy. In the replies other companies were publicly giving him offers and he replied saying he wants to take a break from work for a little while.

  57. Elon wasnt trying to learn. He was making fun of the platform made this engineers like this guy who can actually tell the truth of the situation.

  58. LMAO, if anyone came at me and declared themselves the "domain expert" before offering unsolicited advice, it would let me know that none of the other meat noises that squeak out of their facehole is worth listening to, even if I overlooked them choosing to name themselves "Money Nerd Techie" lmao.

  59. Fire the guy who definitely knows how to fix whatever the actual problem is. That’ll show how sincere your apology to the users is!

  60. Best to get off that sinking ship with a severance package, than it is to ride it into the abyss. Watch the Muskrat blame every employee left for Twitters inevitable downfall and try to black ball their employment record.

  61. In future interviews, I want to know what his answer will be to the question, "At what point did you know you f'd up and twitter was going to shut down?"

  62. Why are peoples ego’s so damn fragile they have to be handled? Grown-ass people should be capable of being told they are wrong without destroying the messengers livelihood. As if having billions at your disposal wasn’t enough, everyone must kiss the ring or be flogged. What century is this????

  63. Musk was essentially calling the guy an idiot in public - which could and would've affected his future - so I don't think it was entirely unreasonable to say something though he probably should've quit in the same tweet.

  64. Made a mistake firing the guy. Anyone bold enough to tell him it isn't accurate is worth having on the team.

  65. It’s so obvious how obsessed he is with people liking him, and how that motivates his every word and action. Even more insidious is how his fanboys feed into his ego by ganging up on anyone who dares to contradict him

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