1. From my own conversations with GQP critics, they can usually point out some fairly valid criticisms of why this plan’s actions may not work, or may not work as well as they need to, or have unintended consequences, etc. Fair enough, in the spirit of healthy debate, it’s always good to recognize policy shortcomings.

  2. The Republicans are more interested in keeping their rich coal and oil buddies rich, who in turn keep their campaign coffers filled. All at the expense of the planet.

  3. GOP folks pay taxes without hope for services in return. Worthless if the money is not funneled to a wealthy white man's bank account.

  4. Perfect explanation of why they are "reactionaries" - they have zero solutions to problems, and only survive feeding off of criticism of people actually trying to do something.

  5. It’s frustrating that they will not offer up any areas to improve on an idea, instead pivot in hopes to dismantle everything involved.

  6. It's also better to do SOMETHING than nothing at all. If we can keep temps to only rise 1.5 or 2 C instead of 2.5 or 3C that's a huge win.

  7. That's how they always operate. Sit there getting paid six figures in tax payer money to do nothing but have an ego match with every other politician. It's a show for them, all Mr. D.J Trump did was shows these people how dumb Americans are and how easily the general public is lie to and manipulate

  8. That’s the most frustrating part, is we can’t have a conversation about the actual pros and cons of anything. It’s always just fake moral outrage and name-calling.

  9. Never been a registered member of any political party but glad conservative folk walking away from what the Republican base has mutated into.

  10. I remember when I was in high school and a buddy of mine was interning for the Republican Party in our state. I didn’t know much about either party’s platform and had just recently come of voting age.

  11. Well you can't get corporations to give you a lot of money to pass their laws if you aren't in a position to make laws now can you?

  12. You can boil down all Republican goals to one reason. Superiority. This flavor of conservatism has been founded on being superior to others. Thats it. You can take any policy in the last few decades and you can identify who gains, and it will be an ingroups superiority over others.

  13. Conservative literally means "averse to change" lol they don't want to make new policy and they don't want the dems too either

  14. Seriously? We cant trust Republicans after all the lies and the tangerine coup? What is the world coming to...

  15. It used to be, politics was about having different ideas on how to solve the country's problems. You'd identify an issue and argue on who had the better plan to solve it.

  16. Well, one party wants to limit the voting rights of minorities, wants to limit environmental policies that will help save our planet, supports an ex-president who helped stage an attempted coup, and yells about gun rights while children get murdered in schools. Also, they gutlessly stood by while a group of religious fanatics and hateful racist took over their party just so they could keep their money. That’s right, I don’t trust the GOP.

  17. The Republicans have given zero F’s about trust for decades. The only thing you can trust about Republicans is that they lie constantly and would sell their daughters for a single shred of power

  18. The GOP will go against anything the DNC puts forwards, because they know their basevoters no longer care about facts or reality.

  19. No it's not. And Warren has been around long enough to see the days where they were practically the same. The old adage to just pick an issue and vote on that is from politics pre 9/11 and on. Most candidates were similar so you picked a topic important to you and voted on that. Reagan won with 46 states.

  20. No one party is clearly power and money hungry, and the other just wants to help the struggling people's. It's pretty cut and dry

  21. Climate Change is the single most important issue of our time. Far more important than anything else. The Dems could be literally eating babies rn and I wouldn't care if they would lower our carbon output significantly.

  22. If the parties are so divided that bipartisanship is no more than your politics have failed. If the political divide is a true reflection of the population then the country is doomed. You can't improve your country tugging in the opposite direction on every issue. You need a separation. The United States are not united.

  23. Republicans are trying to tear down the system entirely. What is their plan for improvement? They have no plan.

  24. That is not what politics is though. In many places: the UK, netherlands, germany, italy, france and many others, opposition parties will often back policies, given that the law or policy in question is popular or important.

  25. I don’t trust the GOP either. They are a bunch of self serving scumbags who have voted against every single piece of legislation designed to help common people! We need them out of Washington!

  26. The problem with the GOP (well, one of them anyway) is that they don't have any set policies, aside from enriching donors and themselves while simultaneously restricting rights in others.

  27. Ah yes the party of small government and capitalism complaining when democrats don’t use government power to make something more affordable. Forget actual conservative policy, anything to own the libs!

  28. 5 billion for charging stations, grants for home chargers, grants for research into improving affordability in manufacturing, tax credits for purchase…. Yeah. Nothing. Oh, you probably should just get a better job if you want to afford it. You know, boot straps.

  29. That's why I don't understand why they're not pushing for biofuels as a transition step. They can run in existing diesel engines. You can say "if you like your truck you can keep it". A fuel alternative to internal combustion engines makes so much more sense, especially for weight- sensitive systems like semis and commercial airplanes.

  30. It's not what politics is supposed to be. It's supposed to be about holding the other party accountable. Bills should be able to pass with bi-partisan support, not disagreeing just because the other party proposed it. Politics is supposed to be about serving the people, about doing what is right for those under your care. Not self-serving power grabs.

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