1. You know the Feds have Trump dead to rights when the Republicans want to repeal the law we all now know he broke.

  2. Didn't he break a law he helped enact in 2018? The one that has to do with mishandling confidential or top secret information? His goal was to prevent Hilary from running again it seems, but in usual narcissistic dolt fashion he gets charged with a law he created lmao.

  3. That law makes it illegal to distribute any information that would interfere with US foreign policy. During World War One a movie producer was convicted of breaking that law for making a movie about the American revolution which depicted the British as villains. The courts concluded that this violated the act because the British were allies and depicting them as villains interfered with the war effort. The law was passed specifically to allow those kinds of prosecutions. If Trump had enforced it consistently he could have imprisoned people for criticizing his policy on Iran, for example.

  4. They should. If we ignore everything else and look only at this tweet, that alone should be enough to tell everyone he is unfit for any office in America.

  5. Honestly the fact that there's no fbi or other department that consistently makes sure members of congress (federal and state level) aren't selling secrets, doing influence peddling, committing crimes...is a real travesty. I'm not saying there needs to be violations of their rights but I have zero doubt that more than half of all elected officials have sold secrets or committed crimes while in office

  6. Rumor is when Merrick Garland was in the Ukraine getting intel on Putin war crimes he got information on Rand and Tulsi being Russian Assets.

  7. IMO, Putin has a direct line to Rand Paul and just says things through him in response to events for no other reason than to stir up the MAGA crowd over nonsense that won't ever happen.

  8. Rand Paul has been a Russian stooge for a long time. Considering how Russian operatives infiltrated the GOP, I would not be surprised if there were actual traitors serving in Congress now

  9. The FBI and CIA are both incredibly self serving. If you threaten them bad shit happens to you. There is no way this goes well for the Trumpkins

  10. Seriously, WTF? Does Russia pay off our politicians, or do they have some serious kompromat on these idiots? Why else would they keep defending a man who clearly committed treason? There’s nothing to gain politically from associating with Trump anymore. MAGA is not the majority of American voters.

  11. Kentucky must have the most ignorant electorate to keep voting for the most hideous humans for Senate.

  12. This guy is the biggest fucking turd. Pick the worst side of literally any issue and this dumb cunt will be on it.

  13. I hate to defend Rand Paul (eww can't believe I'm saying that) but the Espionage Act didn't outlaw espionage. It specifically prevents people from saying anything detrimental to the U.S. war effort. For example, telling people not to register for the draft.

  14. I mean he does have a point, the history of that law is not so great. It was broadly used to criminalize anyone that made anti war/pro peace publications or speeches, which aren’t exactly “espionage” and should be protected free speech.

  15. I was just driving around in the car with my wife and told her 'republicans are going to now say that espionage is ok'. Get home to see this.

  16. Cynically predicting the stupidest possible thing you can come up with should not have such high accuracy, but where GQP is concerned somehow the next thing is always more insane.

  17. The McCain Republican was a dim-witted rube. The Cheney Republicans bent him over and the Trump Republicans finished him and laughed while they fucked with his daughter.

  18. Some former Republican was being asked about Lindsey Graham recently and somehow he put it in a way that I really understood: these people (and perhaps most people who get accustomed to it) just want to be in power, or feel like they are, more than anything else. It's basically heroin for them. They can't quit it. There are members of Congress who would literally eat Trump's feces on television if they thought it would keep them in office.

  19. He didn’t start sucking Trump off until he went to Moscow on 4th of July. That’s when they told him that he now needs to guzzle Trumps schlong or else he will face consequences.

  20. Pathetic. The man exists in politics because of his father who hated what the country was, and here he is trying to justify corruption.

  21. Ron Paul doesn't even hate the country, he's just a grifter. He was a very slightly slicker Alex Jones. Ron Paul ran for Congress because it was a good way to get more people to sign up for his mailing list and buy his books full of "iron-clad" predictions that failed to come true. The one thing you can say about Rand is that he's more intelligent than the Trump kids and felt like he could sell snake oil better on his own instead of playing second-fiddle to his dad.

  22. While I am 10000% aginast Rand Paul and Trumpeters, he's not wrong on the first part. Eugene V. Debs, 4 time presidental candidate was arrested for publicly speaking against WW1 due to the Espionage and Sedition Acts and the Supreme Court ruled it was legal in

  23. You can agree with parts of what he said but also question the timing in which he said it. Those things are not mutually exclusive.

  24. Let’s just legalize murder while we’re at it. So Trump can shoot that person on 5th Avenue already.

  25. In 2015 Ashley Madison was hacked and lots of info was stolen. I have to wonder if our ole buddy Rand got caught up in something like this. Putin has got to have something on this guy and Graham, MTG, Gaetz and a bunch of others. If not Putin, Xi?

  26. These people are the worst fucking low life degenerates I think any of us have every seen. The reasoning is irrelevant. Their actions are a literal disgrace to the country they claim to love.

  27. Rand Paul threw a shit fit in Congress over personal privacy and the Patriot Act. I didn’t realize his sentiments extended to traitors.

  28. I mean the Patriot act 100 percent should be repealed, I wouldn't compare it to the espionage act.

  29. It is a bold and valid stance and the world is a better place for you taking it, For didn't our lord Jesus whilst on the cross not address his followers and say ''one day a man shall come and he will be an affront to human kind and you shall know him by his ridiculous hair, his rampant pomposity and how much of a dick he is.'' I mean he might not have he might not even exist but if he did I am sure he would have used his dying breath to get this message out to his people, also I may have overdone it with the edibles.

  30. No, actually. I think it should be illegal to send death threats and instigate people to kill, instead. Obviously these crazies are abusing the first amendment and we might have to be ok not letting Nazi's and KKK members have it when it comes to open wishes of death...

  31. Never before have I seen so many people line up to attach their mouths to someone's ass, thinking that the shit it's feeding them is actual gold.

  32. Rand is right for once. Why can't I carry nuclear secrets around in my pocket without the corrupt FBI looking all up through my shit?

  33. Perhaps the ability to sell state secrets is what passes for free enterprise these days. It's not like the Rosenbergs were the last people prosecuted under the law:

  34. Hey remember this dude as much of a piece of shit in his personal life. His neighbor beat the fuck out of him on the front lawn in the middle of the day. A dude hated him so much he assaulted a sitting senator guaranteed to go to jail just to break this cocksuckers ribs. Bravo sir...bravo.

  35. I remember when John McCain accused Rand Paul of working for Vladimir Putin. I've always believed that was true.

  36. Imagine how much better this country would be if both the fucking senators from Kentucky were voted out.

  37. It's official. The reason Stephen King hates the GOP so much is that they're The Children of the Corn. They're worshipping a 'god' and in fact it's a demon that causes them to kill everything they love

  38. This smug piece of shit is Putin’s bitch. He traveled to Russia alone, brought back a letter from Putin which he delivered to trump personally. He would not explain the trip or what was discussed.

  39. Oh for fuck's sake. Trump was right. He can literally shoot somebody on 5th avenue and not lose any supporters. Any respect I had for senator Paul I just flushed down the toilet.

  40. What the fuck is happening? This is about to get absolutely bonkers. Trump is going to get arrested. He will snitch on every person he has ever been around that’s committed a crime. How many senators and congress people will go down with him. Clearly Mr.Russian asset Rand Paul. But how many? My popcorn is out.

  41. It’s times like this I try and imagine what it must have felt like for Rand Paul’s neighbor when he slugged this fascist gobshite right in his stinking mug.

  42. I got interested in politics because of his dad. I stay interested in politics to fight against cunts like his son Rand.

  43. Sounds like someone is mentioned in some documents that are now in the possession of the FBI after a recent police raid of a shitty golf course.

  44. It would make his job as a Russian asset much easier. He wouldn't have to worry about being jailed or executed.

  45. Rand Paul is one of those people who had just literally never been on the right side of the line. He had one of the most punchable faces in America, and his stances are absolutely shit. I hope this dumbass ends up in prison for treason.

  46. And the communist cult comes out with ridiculous defenses of their cult daddy. Rand Paul is a Russian asset it’s been reported multiple times. He proves it every time he opens his mouth. Doing commie russias bidding.

  47. This MF is silent about the Espionage Act being used to shut down whistle blowers all the years and NOW he has a problem with it. Fuck this MF.

  48. This is the guy that said Snowden should not be pardoned. Of ... checks notes ... of espionage.

  49. I truly don’t understand why Republicans are going through such great (and embarrassing) lengths to defend Donald Trump. Are they really that brainwashed?

  50. So suddenly the laws are outdated in the constitution? But when it comes to owning Ar 15s its exactly what the founding fathers had in mind?

  51. So at the same exact moment the twice impeached traitor is being investigated for espionage, all of the sudden his sycophants want to abolish that law. How fucking convenient. Rand is probably preemptively floating this bullshit to save his own ass.

  52. The Espionage Act is unfairly used against whistle blowers, so it's not all bad to rework it.

  53. Just when you think they may at some point put county over party. Nope, they will literally sell the United States the highest bidder, even to our enemies.

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