1. I was casually eating pints of Ben & Jerry's in my 4XL game worn Albert Haynesworth jersey when someone said I was a fat piece of shit and I'm guessing this is what they meant.

  2. How exactly does this cumstain have the audacity to call you a piece of shit when they're the one who insulted you while you were minding your own damn business? The nerve.

  3. Fuck that person, and may they get hemmorhoids. If someone needs to go out of their way to insult people who are minding their own business, there's something wrong with them, not you. Go Titans.

  4. There’s a throwback. I remember him doing the line snort celebration at Goodison. Arsenal supporter but prime Fowler was outrageous.

  5. I'm a guy and would laugh at my friends for their stupid ass team jerseys, and then I got into Motorcycle racing and do you guys know how cool the number 46 looks in bright yellow? 🤣

  6. So happy to see him just as involved in the sport as ever before. It's like the best happy ending to a story I could've imagined.

  7. I don’t wear my Josh Allen jersey because I think I’m like him, I wear it so I can shot gun beers and jump through tables without anyone sending me to ADAPT

  8. I always thought it was more about showing appreciation or fandom of said football player but I guess either one can be true depending on the guy. Like I don’t go around thinking I’m Paul McCartney because I wear a Beatles t-shirt

  9. Its okay to laugh at a joke about liking a sports team. No one was harmed in the making or telling of this joke. There are no real people involved. Its just like a funny thing. Is it at the expense of men who like sports? Yes. I believe they can handle a joke. What do you believe?

  10. It was pretty funny. She really got us, because on some level I really do think I could be like my favorite sportsman. Before reality hits me in the face lol.

  11. I don't think they can all handle the joke. This is just my first hand experience going to sporting events and seeing sports arguments online. All those fights that start aren't just because of alcohol. It's fragile sports fans.

  12. Yup. I'm not a sports guy, but this is funny. I can enjoy this joke and also realize that me wearing a shirt with a Batman logo is just as silly. And a joke about that would make me laugh too.

  13. I'm level headed enough to be able to take a joke at my expense (especially a lighthearted joke with very little malice behind it), but obviously some sports fans can't handle any kind of ridicule and are gonna be up in arms in the comments: those people are lame.

  14. I used to follow this person on twitter and yup, SO MANY triggered men when the tweet started picking up traction.

  15. If you want to add to the triggering, insist that their team is a business and not a team. Also refer to fans or supporters as customers.

  16. I was drunk outside a bar in Boston and these two dudes were wearing Red Sox jersey and I said “are you guys embarrassed you wore the same shirt?” One of them laughed and the other one looked at me with disbelief and said “it’s THE SAWCKS KID.” I then thought it would be funny to pretend I’ve never heard of the Red Sox but realized very quickly it was not funny. When he yelled “THE FRIGGEN SAAAAAWWWCKS” at me I gave up at my attempt at humor.

  17. Do band members often wear their own merch? Don’t get me wrong band shirts make people look like a tool, less than jerseys but still dorky.

  18. Band t shirts support the band more than buying recorded music because the record label takes all the money from that and streaming doesn’t pay much anyway. You could also buy concert tickets but not everyone likes that atmosphere

  19. My husband is Mr. McSportysportsballs and has the same opinion. He feels “weird wearing a grown man’s jersey that he doesn’t deserve” because he didn’t play. Idgaf either way, but it’s the only place I could give this info that is pertinent.

  20. My wife made a Tshirt, the kind that's white with colored arms so it kinda looks like a jersey, that reads LOCAL SPORTS TEAM. She wears it anytime some sports ball thing that people are all atwitter about happens.

  21. I have to admit. When I go to sports events, I do be wearing the jersey of my favorite sports-man. Really important, I guess, that I feel bad about that for some reason. Solidarity

  22. The funny part is a guy wearing a jersey only has half the cosplay on and ain’t shit compared to a dude wearing the full Master Chief Mjolnir armor.

  23. its tweets like these that consistently cement my belief on how genuinely bothered women are by how little it takes for men to be happy.

  24. It's pretty harmless. I get that it doesn't feel fair, but I also get that (unlike, say, a joke about women wearing makeup) it isn't punching down.

  25. The comparison is another guy wearing jeans and a t-shirt. You're wearing a costume. Even a designer purse isn't full on cosplay.

  26. congratulations you missed the point. The point was to make fun of men saying the exact thing you said by turning it around on men

  27. I bet you are an absolute joy at parties. Do you tell the men who say 'we are having a baby!!" that no, chill the fuck out your excitement, you just came inside her. She's the one actually having the baby? Or when you get a happy father's day card that your kid brings from school, do you tell them that no, your teacher forced you to make it, you didn't think of me when making it at all?

  28. Women are so funny wearing their little yoga pants and athletic wear to Chick-fil-a, the grocery, airports, Margaritaville, the doctor, court, the DMV, that new fondue place in town, the racket club bistro, Marvel Presents: Morbius, during Truck Month, Toyotathon, second lunch, First Friday, Second Saturday, George Lucas's Birthday, Daylight Savings Time, and most observed holidays in Canada, Turkmenistan, Mordor, Lazy Town, or even the original 13 colonies.

  29. I like how they playfully make fun of a select group of guys and you somehow decide the whip around is to jab an ENTIRE GENDER

  30. Yes!!! Way to defend our gender from the other gender! We can’t let them win it’ll make use look all insecure and brittle!! /s

  31. This isn’t the same discussion, that’s just attacking women for wearing makeup. Which is borderline sexulalised violence commentary. Legit a completely different thing - if you’re so triggered by this and go immediately into attacking women then you’re the kind of person this tweet was aimed at lmaooooo

  32. Lmao same, never can take them seriously in those jerseys. Feels like he's either role-playing or wearing a sign that says he'll suck cock, but only that one athlete's

  33. Just like men do! Go to any dank meme page and you'd have men mocking women who enjoy billie eillish, kpop, makeup, reality tv etc. Literally the point of this post.

  34. Kind of like when women wear those full body suit things to contour their body fat so they look less glandular or when they wear excessive amounts of make up and use contouring to drastically change their appearance or when they use angles in selfies to hide their round, flabby physique…the list goes on…keep trying hun, maybe someone will think you are pretty 😑

  35. This is why I usually just wear team merch that aren’t jerseys, like hoodies and shirts and stuff. No need to put another man’s name on my back. Most jerseys I own are just to collect them.

  36. This is how I feel about dudes who drive motorcycles with all the brand/sponsor stickers, like the professional MotoGP riders. It feels like a kid driving a toy batmobile.

  37. It’s pretty toxic to imply that someone is less of a man for liking sports. That’s a form of toxic masculinity right there.

  38. I just don't understand people's obsession with watching other people participate in their hobby. What fun is that? I guess I just find it boring to not be involved first hand in whatever hobby or interests I have.

  39. And all the makeup and implants in the world won’t make you look like your favourite Kardashian woman either.

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