1. I just moved into my dorm room and I found it in the kitchen cabinet. It’s my roommates but he’s on vacation and I haven’t met him in person. I thought it was a bong or something but it doesn’t smell and now I think it’s a strainer or funnel.

  2. You should def make some food using it as a strainer, and then when your stoner roommate returns, have it on the counter with some fresh food and it’ll be a good laugh when he tells you it was for concealing the smell of his weed.

  3. Good luck fitting that tube up your ass. Good luck not getting your ass fluids everywhere once the tube soaks through and becomes flaccid.

  4. 💎 Edit: I didn't notice the tube was a paper towel roll. But he could've had a smaller tube this went over, then wrapped with Saran wrap. It still would've worked without getting wet. Since the bottle and paper towel tube are replaceable, he left them, but took the plastic tube with him.

  5. We always get stoned and want to know what this or that is.. then we smoke a little more and forget then rinse and repeat. Lmfao

  6. I saw a poll the other day which showed something like 20% of people on here smoke daily. I’m pretty sure in the general population at least in my country that number is around 0.5% of the population

  7. Sploof, Wookie, Silencer... Usually you'd find some dryer sheets stuffed in the tube to help ameliorate the smell of smokables.

  8. You just reminded me of the Gatorade bottle with holes in it that my friend in highschool would blow his smoke into. Can’t remember if he had dryer sheets or paper towels in it.

  9. i, a fellow housewife, accept this answer. and need to try it. hopefully my police officer husband doesn’t think it’s what everybody in this comment section is saying it is🤣

  10. My first thought too, based on absolutely no evidence! “Huh, new spotted lantern fly DIY contraption? Haven’t seen this method yet.” Google image search isn’t giving me anything that really resembles this, but I’m laughing that I’m not alone in my initial assumption! Damn flies.

  11. Do you have one of those elements on your stove with the metal coils? If you do and maybe if you don’t I’d say it’s for hot knives.

  12. It's not nearly sealed well enough to hold any sort of pressure whatsoever, and being cardboard on one end there's no way it's used for liquids

  13. Why would they duct tape a TP tube on there instead of just cutting the bottom of the bottle off for a funnel/hopper? Seems a little overly complicated for a sploof, too. We used just the paper tube with some dryer sheets and it worked well enough.

  14. Its so your mom won't catch you smoking weed.Stuff dryer sheets in it and blow the smoke out of it. They don't work very well.

  15. I have no idea what the specific purpose is but it has to be weed related not like any sploof I’ve ever seen but maybe that

  16. Two options. One they put dryer sheets in it and use it to filter the smell of marijuana smoke. Two, they put a wash clothes on the end and spray things on it to huff.

  17. I may be wrong but it looks like a prank. Either the bottle makes crunching sounds as the air runs out of it or it pops when air is forced into it. We used to do this prank as mechanics to get a reaction

  18. Not for drugs if it’s in the kitchen cabinet. Paper towel tube would get mushy and wet for anything food related. I’m guessing a fly swatter?

  19. It deodorizes the exhalation of cannabis vapor, from a vape pen. You stuff dryer sheets into the toilet paper roll, and then exhale into the Pepsi bottle. When your breath emerges from the toilet roll, it smells like dryer sheets not cannabis.

  20. You blow weed smoke in the bottle end and the paper towel tube is stuffed with fabric sheets - so your dorm room smells like fresh laundry, not drugs. How I smoked dope at home when I was a kid.

  21. Put some dryer sheets in there. Blow your ganja laden smoke through the tube. It’s like a silencer for weed ;)

  22. Fwiw I lived my whole summer after freshman year with a wiggle ball bat connecting the sink drain to the pipe coming up from the basement (drain). There was like two feet missing so we rigged that bad boy up and it worked hella good lol. I was gonna say maybe it was something like that. But The fact that it’s in the cabinet means…..he had a broken sink, used it temporarily and it worked, so he hung onto it once the sink was fixed in case it breaks again. Good thinking roomie we don’t even know!!

  23. It's a rocket. You put a little water in them, pressurize and launch them. It's a standard STEM activity.

  24. I think it’s a sploof, you put dryer sheets like bounce in to the cardboard tube then when you smoke weed you exhale/blow the smoke through the bottle & it filters the smell

  25. I would guess it’s weed-related. Probably a “silencer” intended to eliminate smell. Looks like it was never used or it would be full of dryer sheets or paper towels

  26. Smoking in the dorm. You smoke, put the tube part out the window or against the screen and it controls where exactly the smoke goes without advertising in the window it's you.

  27. Smoke smell diffuser. Tape a dryer sheet to one end and blow the smoke through the opposite end

  28. It’s a home-made….something. The applications of a cardboard tube and 2-liter soda are endless. Previous owner could have been busting nuts in that thing for all you know.

  29. It's a great introduction to the inner workings of your new roommate is what it is. No but seriously, not a clue. I'm wondering what the roommate has to say about it though!

  30. That's called a floof, or spoof, you put dryer sheets in there so when you exhale your bid rips you smell like laundry

  31. It's a sploof, probably stuff the bottle with dryer sheets then blow your weed smoke through the tube, ostensibly to lessen the smell of weed smoke.

  32. Does it have dryer sheets or paper towels stuffed into it? If so, that is a “sploof” or “smoke buddy” used to mask the smell of smoke (typically marijuanna).. Also, if you’re in a dorm this would would make the most sense.

  33. It’s a “shotgun” contraption. If your really conservative with your weed you blow your hit out and someone else takes it.

  34. Well since it's a cardboard tube it can't be anything involving liquids unless he remakes it every time he uses it. Is there a corresponding hole in the bottom of the bottle? This could literally be something like a homemade back scratcher.

  35. Probably puts dryer sheets in there, then blows pot smoke through it so he can smoke inside without stinking up the place.

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