1. I’ve been trying to find that out. My house is in a big neighborhood so I don’t think it do but it was built in the 60s so I’m not sure.

  2. A septic system would have an access lid. I think it's an old shed foundation. Digg up next to it and you'll find out if it goes deep maybe septic. 6in thick or less it's a slab.

  3. Looks like a shed slab to me. I tear down sheds as part of my junk removal business and the sheds I’ve torn down usually have a similar track running around the perimeter of the slab. I’m sure other structures can use the same tracks, but I’ve seen them in a lot of sheds.

  4. Likely. Pipe could also be from a shallow well. Found one like it in my yard, attached a manual pump and got some water out of it. Now I use it to irrigate.

  5. I had a shed slab in my backyard just like this, I had one patch of grass that would never grow so I unearthed a giant slab one day when exploring. I used historical google maps images to go back in time and see what used to be there on satellite and sure enough it was a shed at one point.

  6. My house is a little older, but in the same era. There are two slabs in my backyard. One was an old garage, and the other was a shed. I use them as patio space. I don’t know anything about septic systems, but the grooved section in the second picture look like it could have been used to anchor a panel.

  7. Prob not this but I had a similar slab with pole in my yard when I moved in; it was a clothes hanger for air-drying clothes. Could be a self-poured pad for that or a task like it. Maybe even for a simple table and removable umbrella?

  8. Oh maybe! With the tube being a place to put the umbrella 🤔 wouldn’t be my first choice for a spot for it but to each their own.

  9. Don't know about the pipe, but that metal piece looks very similar to a door track on a Sears Storage Shed kit. The front doors slid apart and were held in that track. They had various sizes to house lawn mowers and such.

  10. The rail on the edge makes me think that it was the floor of an old shed and the rail is for the track for the door. I don't know if the property was split up since the rail is facing the fence.

  11. Old metal shed. The metal rail on the ground looks like ones I have seen before. That’s how you attach the sides to the foundation.

  12. Came here to say this. Old outdoor dog pen. When I bought my house, I took down the chain link fence around this “kennel”, and fenced in my back yard. Now my whole yard is a people/dog pen.

  13. I had a similar looking thing in my yard in the house my grandfather built in 1949. He put in the slab for a shed or greenhouse and didn't end up building it. Maybe it's like that.

  14. That looks like the floor of a metal shed. The groove along the side allows a door to slide open / closed. Maybe?

  15. Could be a cistern with how high up it is. Old houses In rural areas would collect rain water which would then be filtered and used. Usually those have a cap or something you can see inside it.

  16. If the tracks go all the way around the edge, I'd wager there was a greenhouse there at some point in time & the pipe was a now closed off/filled in water supply.

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