1. That's an outdoor spigot cover to keep them from freezing over in cold temps. If I had to guess I would say maybe they were just being lazy and didn't want to throw that one away.

  2. AHH great thanks for letting me know. At first I wondered if they were trying to poison the tree as they dropped it at first and then moved it so it was at the base of a tree. But when I picked it up and found out it had a hole in the bottom I realised it would't work for that. Maybe they were just trying to hide it from my view from the house.

  3. Alternately they might have chronic back pain like so many of us. You learn to live a little differently, and one thing I do is try to put things in places where I won't need to bend to retrieve them whenever possible. You discover a whole range of new surfaces. The world is your table!

  4. If I was walking down the street and saw a spigot cover on the ground in front of a house, I might assume that it belonged to said house, and toss it over the fence to keep it from blowing further away.

  5. OP comment 'solved' and you distilled your answer as it is a spigot cover probably blew off someone's house

  6. The cover is for outdoor faucets during the winter to prevent frozen plumbing. I live in a state that has cold winters and I've seen these sold at stores here.

  7. Sounds to me like the person was carrying some kind of disease in there to eliminate your trees, call a tree doctor and have it checked out.

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