1. Post is one hour old with 2 comments and I still can’t get here fast enough. I just want to be the first one damnit! A guy can dream…

  2. We used to see these at our old ranch and my dad would always make up really funny crazy things that they'd be, I'm glad I finally know what they are. I wish he was alive so I could tell him what they actually were instead of a hummingbird toilet or an electric fence piss tester, probably kept me from doing at least one other stupid thing and pissing on an electric fence.

  3. Electric fence insulator. You can see the electric fence wire in the picture (the thinner wire coming from the hole in the insulator). The electric fence wouldn't work properly if the wire carrying the current touched that metal fence post. Modern electric fence insulators are usually made of plastic.

  4. I was honestly wondering if they were part of a setup to run electricity to the house next door. I’ve been here 10 years and the fence has always been obsolete but this is an old neighborhood and I thought it might’ve been leftovers of a simpler time

  5. These were used to carry Telegraph and phone lines in remote locations too. Lots of old remote areas in the US west have these hung on trees. Some still have the galvanized #9 wire strung through them. Fire lookouts, old military outposts, CCC camps USFS ranger station shacks, old mines etc.

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