1. The lower section has a hinged piece where the drain tray would slide out to be drained. The upper left section would be where the ice block would be placed. The bottom left would be where milk bottles would be stored.

  2. Yup literally placed a chunk of ice in it to keep you food cold. They would harvest ice from the great lakes and store them in large warehouses where they would keep all summer and you could order ice. I'm going to guess the company that made this ice box had ties to Lake superior.

  3. I've seen tons of people fitting them with actual new cooling units and using them for fridges and keg boxes etc. Very cool and easy to do.

  4. My great grandpa, who grew up with those things, called the refrigerator "the icebox" all his life and nothing was ever going to change that.

  5. Very cool. Seen one in worse shape sell at an auction in PA for more than $3000. Dunno if that’s an accurate value because it was an auction, but still, very nice find.

  6. I used to work in a Victorian-era house/museum. This is an ice box/fridge. The ice goes at the bottom and there should be some sort of drip tray to catch the water.

  7. I had one in the pantry of the house that I grew up in. It had a plaque in a cabinet next to it with some equipment labeled “Trotters Patent 1912”. I think that it had been converted to an early refrigerator.

  8. Compared to other furniture, not many iceboxes have survived. This is because the constantly melting ice tended to make the wood wet and prone to rot.

  9. It’s an old ice box, they’re so cool. The back kitchen of my house (my parents house) still has its original cabinetry and has one of these! You should clean it up, and see if you can use it. It would be a cool thing to have :)

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