1. That’s what I originally thought too… but I don’t think the tail is tucked in. So it can’t be a raccoon. Which led me to posting this. Maybe it’s a groundhog?

  2. I agree with raccoon. I think its weight and the angle of the camera make the tail look really short but the face and the way it moves look raccoon-ish. Lots of raccoons with tail injuries out there, too.

  3. I think it’s a groundhog/woodchuck as well. Another person said some badgers may not have a stripe on their head but I feel like that’s pretty rare for an American badger. I think groundhog is more likely.

  4. Hard to tell. Could be a raccoon, beaver, muskrat, also saw badger as a reply, that's possible as well. What part of the state are you in? (I'm in MN as well)

  5. Lived in MN my whole life and never heard of badgers here although it certainly looks like one, my bet’s on all-black raccoon

  6. Badger for sure. They look like an ottoman when they walk around. Forewarned never met a badger that didn’t want to fight to the death over absolutely nothing, careful.

  7. Looks like a fat Racoons to me, wolverines and animals in the badger family are more slender and tend to be more cautious and calculated than trash pandas.

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