1. Yeah guess I’ll leave this sub. Not that I have anything against nudes but if this kind of thing can stay up for 5 hours I don’t want to stick around to see the other failings of the moderation team.

  2. I’m not even part of this sub. It just showed up as a sub I might like and I was confused as to what this sub was since it seemed like it didn’t belong😂

  3. I'm so glad this has a NSFW tag. It would've been embarrassing if I'd accidentally scrolled to this in front of my boss

  4. I haven’t even joined this sub and this is on my feed because I follow other cooking subs. I don’t have an issue with nudity, I don’t consider myself to be a prude, but this is inappropriate. Not cool, not even a little

  5. what the absolute 4K. I don’t know what she should cook but she’s probably gonna get some burns from any splashback

  6. What in the FUCK?! Why did this pop up on my screen 🥲 imagine scrolling as you are riding the subway trying to find a recipe for dinner 🤣

  7. Lol these comments make me feel so much better. For a second there I thought my inner voice got out and I ended up on the naughty side of Reddit. Phew. Good to know y’all feel the same.

  8. I'm not subscribed here... This post was recommended to me as I was scrolling through my own front page. What the fuck?

  9. Why would this sub be recommended for me with this post 😂 I thought it was weird because I’ve never been recommended a porn sub before, only to realize it’s a cooking sub. WHERE ARE THE MODS 😂

  10. I was just scrolling reddit, and this is the add I get for this subreddit I’ve never heard of. Clicked on the link, and it’s just food.

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