1. Particulates can be very flammable, and there are a lot of them in those wind gusts. They touch the flame or just reach a combustible temperature and ignite, then you get fire wind.

  2. At the firefighter academy we are taught that smoke is fuel. So if there is smoke (or other light particles), oxygen and heat, you have all the needed components for fire. And thus under the right circumstances smoke will combust. In this case there is a strong wind so a lot of oxygen and you get something whats called a wind driven fire. It can be a dangerous situation because the fire becomes very unpredictable.

  3. Thats a fire here in Cleveland down in the flats, one of our downtown districts. I think cigarette, dry mulch and high wind. We lit our river on fire once too..different reason.

  4. Looks like the mulch under the trees caught fire. I've seen that stuff on fire when it's hot and dry. It'll smolder for a long time too.

  5. Interestingly, it requires moisture to spontaneously ignite, if it’s perfectly dry it’s not decomposing and generating heat. Same phenomenon happens with straw.

  6. I can tell it's not California or anywhere where this normally happens because people are standing around like it's something amazing... they don't know how seriously shit can change with fires like that.

  7. Seems like they're having such a great time while their neighborhood is on fire. Really weird, they seem to enjoy it.

  8. I'm convinced that when the end finally comes and the Lord is tossing us into the lake of fire, somebody is going to tiktok that shit real good.

  9. I swear when the world ends humanity en masse will just whip out their phones to record it for a generation that won’t survive to watch it

  10. California residents have the second highest life expectancy in the country (81 years, Hawaii, in first, is at 81.5 years).

  11. If fire was blowing all around me, the very first thing I'd want to do is turn my back on it, pull out my phone, and make a video for TIkTok. /s

  12. Same thing happened at Jantzen Beach in Portland in 2020. Wind picked up burning mulch and low growing bushes. There were rivers of cinders pouring across the parking lot, catching new fuel whenever they made contact with a mulch island! We left but there was an uncomfortable number of people clustered around with their phones out filming, like in this video. I filmed but only while fleeing.

  13. I’m preface what ima say with this: wild fires during a dry ass, hot, windy season is perfect conditions for terrible things. Unfortunately.

  14. This comment is 95% of the comments about this video on tiktok. Countless people talking about how the people filming should have "grabbed a hose to try to put it out" It's honestly a bizzaro world with the dumbest people I've ever seen.

  15. I remember the particles in the air thing being highly flammable and I even know the scientific explanation but somehow it still confuses the ever living hell out of me. Although I like how I can just throw a giant bag of flour into a high output fan and create an instant explosion! Fun times.

  16. Thats got to be in Caili Cleveland lol the only place I know in the USA that has signs for valet parking lol.

  17. Let me guess australia. Without any clue of location or sth else. Because if u see fucked up shit out of hell itself it is always australia just google rat lr spider plaque or if u never want to sleep again huntsman spider

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