1. Took me too many attempts to view, and then finally with sufficient volume to hear them ask about the lawnmower.

  2. Reminds me of my stepfather. Ego is too big to say "woops", would rather make someone else feel bad to dodge being at fault for something. Doesn't seem like much in one clip, but this kind of person gets real shitty over the course of years.

  3. Lol he's 'like yup totally planned to fell the tree in that exact spot where I totally didn't know the lawnmower was there.. damn Kenny'

  4. Little bit of blame on both sides. Camera guy should have had situational awareness to acknowledge what might happen and clear the landing zone. Cutter should have scoured the landing zone for Murphy’s law.

  5. Look what he is and isn't wearing, the tree he is cutting, he runs while holding a running chainsaw and wants to point fingers at others about his surroundings. This man should not be near a chainsaw.

  6. So that dad is an idiot. He’s cutting in shorts, not cutting properly, doesn’t have a clear exit path, cuts on the felling side of the tree, and is clueless to the equipment. Not the son’s fault.

  7. Video only starts as the tree is falling. We have no idea if Kenny put the mower there as he was already cutting.

  8. While it is mostly Kevin's fault, the dude cutting the tree could've also noticed and moved the lawnmover before the cut...

  9. What "sucks" in this. I don't get it. It doesn't look like anything was broken or particularly unexpected happened?

  10. It's hard to predict how trees fall, but you can try and coax them to fall a certain way. The cutter should have looked, and the mower should have moved.

  11. It didn't hit the lawnmower at all and it's in the person in charge of cutting the tree to check the landing zone prior to felling the tree and my dude didn't have any hearing protection or eye protection and neither did he have proper clothing or and steel toe shoes

  12. The lawnmower already has issues, smoking before the tree “hits it”. The tree doesn’t look like it hit the lawnmower. Dude with a chainsaw shouldn’t be operating.

  13. Nobody leaves a lawnmower in the middle of a yard, and nobody cuts down a tree with it aimed towards something like that.

  14. Lol. I love all the names in the comments for whoever left the lawnmower there. So far I’ve seen Kenny, Kenneth, and Kevin. I heard Kenan.

  15. Legit has control over the felling direction and has the gall to whine to someone else about where it could have landed.

  16. Lol my dad does the same thing, he’ll ask the same exact thing in slightly different ways and tones. “You really left that there” “You really just thought it was a good idea to leave that there” “You decided hey this is a great place to leave this” “Did you think that was a good idea to leave that there”

  17. Fucking communication. Someone in the middle of cut should not be interrupted...But he should have done a 360° regardless.

  18. Lemme just not double check what I’m doing then blame the son I involved in this endeavor, kids are dumb, but not dumber than the parents who forget it

  19. Why would you cut that tree down in a manner where you had to run out of the way when it fell? Dude’s lucky it didn’t fall on him. “Why’d you leave your dad there Kenneth”?

  20. Why does he vaguely sound like Hank Hill tho?! LoL Could totally pass for Henry Hill, Hank's brother ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  21. Excuse me, there are TWO people in this video. Check your surroundings if your holding a CHAINSAW.

  22. Heard this guy trying to give out life lessons to his son, after he was just running across the garden with a chainsaw ticking over. After cutting down a tree without seeing where it will land. Absolute Dad logic at its best.

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