1. It's like when my dad and step-mom thought I was stealing their half-smoked cigarettes. They had this habit of smoking half the cig and putting it out, doing something, then lighting another one. I'd just pick them out of the ashtray later. So they thought they were being smart by wetting them in the sink before throwing them in the trash. Yea. Like I didn't just pick them out and let them dry before smoking them. BIG BRAIN let me tell ya.

  2. I worked at a place years ago that would make an employee pour bleach all inside the dumpster at the end of the night. Fucked up shit

  3. Publix is really nice. They are always giving away baked goods that are close to date or just over.

  4. There are so many uses for day old bread that the bakery could have reproposed it for and still sold it for a profit. They're, dumb, lazy, and evil all in one.

  5. I used to work at a bakery when I was younger. We couldn’t give the leftovers away for legal reasons. However, we put everything in brand new, clean, industrial sized trash bags and set them outside the door “to be taken to the dumpster”, at the same time every night. Wouldn’t you know that a local priest just happened upon them every evening and would “steal” them and distribute them to those less fortunate. It was a nice way around the system.

  6. Isn't this what was happening in Nacho Libre with Nacho picking up bags of chips (The Lord's chips) in the alley?

  7. FYI, I can't remember if it's a federal law or if just a ton of states have it, but there's a law in a bunch of states commonly called "the good Samaritan law" where food workers and businesses are immune from litigation arising from food poisoning if it's given away to charity for free.

  8. If you live in the US then you were lied to about those laws as they don't exist. Good Samaritan Laws prevent someone from being in legal trouble if they give food away in good faith.

  9. What is the legal reason exactly? This sounds like one of those quirky U.S. things I haven't heard anywhere else. I have seen restaurants give away food in Germany, Netherlands and Spain. And in Turkey it is a whole big thing almost every restaurant does, including the street food stalls and you can even participate as a customer by donating basically, and the restaurant sets aside food that you paid for, to be picked up by the unfortunate that walk through the door. This is everywhere especially during Ramadan.

  10. I used to work at a pizza place and all the pizza that was considered “waste” we’d keep in the boxes and just set it on top of the trash so it was considered thrown away

  11. I worked for starbucks and would take out of date foods to people sleeping on church steps on my walk home. When they found out (who ratted still bothers me) we were forced to check our trash and track our waste...

  12. I always wonder why. Of course they don't want to give away food, they want to sell it. But which homeless person scrapes together his money to order at Starbucks?

  13. I worked at a Fazoli's some years back and it was normal that we'd make some pretty decent meals with any left over ingredients. It was pretty often that some people would take home whole pizzas since they'd otherwise be thrown out at the end of the night. We weren't really supposed to, but none of the assistant managers were snitches and the cameras in the back had a shit-ton of blind spots. It doesn't make sense to me for anyone who works at a restaurant to go home hungry or thirsty.

  14. I worked at Starbucks outside of Toronto and everyday the Salvation Army would come and take out stuff that was a day old out of date. It is definitely not company policy to stop giving away food. Also every Starbucks has to track waste, any establishment that sells food by law has to track waste.

  15. Why can’t management just “track” the waste and just continue to give out the food after? Not like corporate is going to dig into the bins every night.

  16. What's hilarious to me is that many of the biggest food waste producers have to pay by the pound/kilo for general waste. You save them money if you find ethical outlets for their food waste, but they will spend more to make sure you can't.

  17. And over here, we have an app, Toogoodtogo, so you can buy that stuff for nearly nothing! It's a shame so much food gets wasted, when people are hungry.

  18. Australian bakery chain advocated spraying leftover stock with vinegar and blue food colouring to make less palatable for homeless Least when I worked there in the early 2000s. I hate that I could have lost my job for not destroying food that could have been sold to a customer half an hour before closing.

  19. I've worked retail before in europe. There was a legitimate concern that people would take our branded food from the garbage and resell it. Also store managers perhaps fear that someone higher up will think that they steal what's listed as destroyed stock by leaving it outside and having someone else take it (although clearly that's not for bread but for high value stuff like detergents and electrical devices).

  20. I always check out stores before closing or around 6pm for food. Got a huge box of mini doughnuts for £0.20 last night. There were tons of them. I've just eaten through the last of my £0.50-£0.80 food I grabbed over two weeks ago. Food is so expensive now and people don't tend to grab the vegetarian food. Vegetarian ready meals aren't cheap, so it was great to get some for work so I didn't have to batch cook for a week. The ones I got are normally around £3.50, there's no 3 for 2 deals or anything on them unfortunately so they're out of my budget normally.

  21. I worked for little Caesars for a short time in college. We would always give the leftover hot n readys to homeless people. They'd hang out around closing.

  22. My buddie is a GM and he has everyone stack the pizzas in the walk in, and twice a week either the local orphanages or one of the missions in town will come by n they load them up.

  23. There was a bakery chain near my old apartment that would sell bags of their fancy cake bits. Just random pieces that had been cut off during shaping. Fucking amazing!

  24. This is exactly what I was thinking. Someone came in and asked for free food and got it? That person may choose to come in every morning now. They may choose to sleep in front of the door at night. They may choose to sleep in front of the door during the day. They may become angry and belligerent on the days there is no food or on the days you aren’t there. They may get violent. They may have paranoid delusions and your bakery just became a hostile environment that is now a part of that persons delusions. They may start begging the patrons for food. They may refuse to leave.

  25. this is the answer. when i lived in portland, i worked at a small local donut shop. people would come in, wait 15 minutes in line, and go “i don’t have any money”. it didn’t work with me, but 75% of the time a local would overhear and buy them whatever they wanted.

  26. Saw this happen at my local dunkin donuts. One regular homeless guy that they'd give a cup of coffee to before morning rush started as he slept nearby (I go early to avoid rush so I'd see it often) Well eventually he started showing up later and later and people would leave the line because he smelled so bad. He then started to just post up outside and ask for money and then he started having a woman with him and after that the manager had to put an end to it.

  27. You’re correct about the entitlement. Once gave a guy a beer who was drinking the beer thrown in the gutter. After that every time he walked by my apartment he would ask for a beer. Just started saying just ran out.

  28. In our town there's an org who would have picked up the bread for distribution to the hungry. They have a truck that goes around town and salvages this good food. I'm sad to see this needless waste of good fresh bread.

  29. I'm a lawyer, and can't imagine a successful lawsuit coming out of this. It's done so customers don't have to deal with homeless people coming by for handouts.

  30. When i managed a little Caesars a few years ago a homeless guy came in saying he was hungry. I told him to come back at close and any fresh product that was gonna be written off as waste at the end of the day was his.

  31. I got fired for this. Wasnt even a homeless dude. Just the last guy to walk in the store one night. Ordered a specialty. Closed the store while it cooked. Marked waste n gave him everything in the warmers. Got fired 2 days later when I showed up for my next shift haha

  32. True story - when I first moved to this area, I was struggling financially. I mean, I count my blessings - I had a home, I had utilities, etc. Just not much beyond that.

  33. I got fired from a cookie store for giving the leftover cookies to a homeless shelter. This surprises me not at all.

  34. I did ten years in a supermarket (sainsburys) cafe. The first few years we did package up waste sandwiches, paninis, buiscuits, anythibg pre packaged, for a local shelter.

  35. I live in a neighborhood that is overwhelmed with homeless tents due to one bakery giving away all their leftover bread daily. Tents began popping up, now they’re everywhere. I’m glad the bakery feels good about themselves, and nobody can walk through downtown anymore

  36. Yeah, it's great people want to help but it doesn't address the larger issue at all and tends to make more problems for other people in the mean time.

  37. Ι guess they did it so it gets stale faster or because people won't accept it/ will feel ashamed to give it to someone. I really don't understand, it takes time to do this and definitely costs more than giving it away

  38. I see what happened here. Always best to do these things under the cover of your own time. When I worked as a short cook I would take food home only to take it to homeless folks around my neighborhood and didnt tell the restaurant what I was doing because most if not all food related businesses have this same policy. Now you know for future reference

  39. I worked at a local buffet when I was a teenager. The workers weren’t allowed to take home any food at the end of the day, it was ALL supposed to be thrown away. Like tons of untouched food. I remember one of the cooks packing up a full tray of chicken to take home to her family and I minded my own business anytime that happened.

  40. My coworker used to take food scraps (rotting veggies, strawberry tops, banana peels, parsley stems, etc) and turn them into compost. She did it for years. We all chipped in and sent her home with a brown bag or two of waste that she would turn into dirt. The supermarket manager stopped her one day and searched her bag and refused to give it back unless she "surrendered company property" meaning the waste. Absolutely appalling treating her like a thief when she was upholding their hypocritical mission statement that states they are "intolerant of waste".

  41. Here, they would let the bread become hard, crush it, and sell the breadcrumbs packed. Very useful for schnitzel or [wait for it]

  42. I used to work as a stocking clerk at a grocery store and they solved the wasted food problem by putting soon to expire stuff in boxes and giving it out to anyone who needed it, but they had to read and sign a liability waiver.

  43. When I worked at Starbucks we bagged all food that expired next day and gave them to shelters that picked it up daily, saved food for people we knew in the neighborhood that didn’t earn a lot (like usps carriers), took pastries and cut them into pieces and gave them out as samples, and as we were closing handed brownies and bananas to customers telling them nicely we want to go home, gtfo please. Management was fine with this.

  44. Still looks edible to me. It stuns me that someone would rather throw perfectly good food away instead of feeding someone who’s hungry. There’s a basic lack of humanity there.

  45. A lot of U.S. restaurants throw away bunch of food overnight instead of giving it away. I know they want to deter people taking advantage but still, leftover food could be better resourced

  46. Make bread pudding out of it in muffin pans. Thats what we do at the bakery I work at with our day old breads. Milk, eggs, espresso, choc chips, press firmly into muffin tins, and BAM. Delicious, NOT dry bread pudding.

  47. The majority of people in this thread have conveniently ommitted from their rage against these companies that, at least until recently, this act is illegal in most US cities.

  48. I worked for a bakery cafe in H.S. (La Boulangerie; now called La Bou). We'd gather up all the unsold muffins/croissant's/bagels, etc. at the end of our shift. A driver would come the following morning to pick up our "day-olds" and deliver to reputable orgs like 'Meals on Wheels', Local Food Banks, etc. I don't understand why some places throw it away just because they can't make a buck. What a waste! Not sure if they still have that program though.

  49. She broke them in half! Wait?! Does bread still work if you break it in half? I mean aren’t they sort of doing them a favor.

  50. When I worked in a bakery, at the end of each day we had to unwrap everything and throw it into black bags to go in the bins outside. So nobody could eat it because it was iced doughnuts, chicken sandwiches, tomato pasta etc all stuffed into one. Huge waste of plastic and food. Even as staff (all poor students) we weren’t allowed to take any leftovers. We would take bites of each thing as we unwrapped them

  51. Its just broken bread, if they didnt put anything in it its still perfectly fine! I grew up alone in the streets, wanna ask 8 years old me how offended she would be if she found bread that was broken in the middle? I dont think she would have minded too much! Put it in plastic bags with "food" written on it or a drawing of bread (cuz ya know... I didnt know how to read, its possible that other homeless people dont know either) and place it somewere kinda hidden where you think homeless people might hang around. Usually the homeless that are just out in the open are druggies or the people i had to run away from in order to not get abused, they always get firsts to the trashcans near cafes and restaurants, so placing it near hidding spots means you might be feeding someone that ate once a week if lucky, instead of the people that are abusers

  52. This is a very very important fact. Not being able to give away food for legal reasons is mostly a fake excuse in the US at least. Good Samaritan laws protect food donors from almost any legal repercussions. If your employer says they won’t give away food to avoid getting sued they are almost certainly lying, ignorant or don’t care.

  53. You give one person bread and literally every single person on the face of the planet will only ever pretend to be homeless to get free bread, and then the economy will collapse because of infinite free bread.

  54. WTF was that supposed to do? Make it easier to share? Most grocery stores/restaurants/markets will give leftovers to directly the poor, homeless, or to shelters (depending on the state regulations or in spite of) so it doesn't go to waste.

  55. every place I’ve worked at, food or retail, make us destroy excess inventory that we removed from the system.

  56. reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where the homeless people get cross they're being given the bottom of the muffins.

  57. This is just flat out untrue. The Bill Emerson Good Sumerian Act of 96 protects donors from being sued outside of negligence. Reddit lawyers love to a write mini thesis about things they have no clue what they’re talking about.

  58. I work at a popular UK bakery chain and though its not advertisised as much as I think it should be the company is very big on not wasting stuff.

  59. OP: sorry, homeless man….we have no more bread. My managers ripped them in half and they are no longer edible that way. You’ll have to find something somewhere else.

  60. Daycare I used to work at would make me pour bleach on all of the leftovers before taking them to the dumpster. :c

  61. The managers don’t like doing it either, trust me, it disturbs them as well, it might even disturb them more because they’re the ones having to delegate it but they won’t say anything because it cause issues within the store.

  62. I would find a way to fuck them, give them bad press. If it was only you who gave the food away that might make you a target so..

  63. Panera bread in my community gives old bread to nonprofits. It does suck that your bakery can’t see beyond themselves

  64. Dump it on the managers car. Seagulls or pigeons will find it and shit all over their car as a thank you.

  65. I used to work in kfc and by protocol we weren’t allowed to give homeless people any leftover chicken at the end of the day, we would fill up large bins of chicken at the end of the day, they say it’s because if one of them gets sick then they’d be able to sue them but they are just horrible

  66. That’s nice of them to break it apart to make it easier to eat. You should tel them thank you for helping you out.

  67. i worked for panera and gave away sooo much free stuff, it's completely insane to expect genuine humans not to help those in need when the only thing "wrong" is some bs corporate rule

  68. I use to work for Boots, and we were instructed to pour bleach over out of date sandwiches/drinks. I refused.

  69. It does suck but, when businesses get sued by homeless people when they get sick - it puts the business out of business.

  70. I hate businesses. I can see why they think they have too but they don’t. Its like they think they will lose business if they gave out free stuff to homeless while charging everyone else but they are wrong. I’d happily choose the business that supports the less fortunate with product that’s going to be wasted anyways. I’m probably wrong but that’s how I see it.

  71. Our local supermarket pours bleach on expired food to prevent people dumpster diving stating liability from giving out out of date food.

  72. At a restaurant I worked at when I was doing apprenticeship I got given back a chicken salad that came back because it had blue cheese. It was completely untouched and I was told to throw it in the dustbin. So I said "fuck that" started eating it. I was then told by a coworker that "I was stealing food" and I said "Who am I stealing it from? The trash?"

  73. My Dad had a Bakery when I was growing up and we would store away all the leftovers and at the end of the week we would go feed some horses and geese. I found that was a sweet way to go about it. Doesn‘t matter if its torn up.

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