1. Hahaha that slowly got me. I saw it, chuckled, and immediately started scrolling again. But my brain was just focused on it and I started laughing harder and harder 😂

  2. Laughed pretty hard at this. It has to be said in that spittle spraying lisp that kids get when they are missing a few front teeth though

  3. Electron microscopes don't actually show you physical objects, the images are constructed using information on how objects interfere with the paths of electrons. It's like sonar but with tiny particles.

  4. Once upon a time there was a momma duck and a poppa duck. They had seven baby ducklings. All of them were cute little ducklings except one. It was a really ugly duckling. When the barnyard animals would come over they would say, "Mr and Mrs Duck, your duckies are so cute!!!! All except that one!" and they would point at the really ugly duckling.

  5. Nice try, that's a crescent roll with a layer of cinnamon between each fold and they you have it fondant eyes and teeth.

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