1. Trying to get any solo violin to speak over the top of a full orchestra playing ff is going to be difficult unless you have been very very careful in your orchestration. Your best bet will be to just find one that sounds good to you generally then somehow fix the balance against the orchestra in the mix.

  2. The Intimate Strings of Spitfire is mind blowing but i don't no if you need that particular sound. The great thing is it's only $29.

  3. I like the free Stroh Violin from Impact Soundworks as a "cut through" violin. It's not the most meticulously sampled library, but has a sound that's great for cutting through the mix.

  4. Before investing money, have you tried the violin freebie from Performance Samples? Assuming you have the full version of Kontakt.

  5. The only convincing solo string library atm is Cinematic Studio Solo Strings. It works especially well in tandem (as 1st chair) with Cinematic Studio Strings.

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