1. Ah yeah this was the lady who claimed desperately that Ukraine would not get invaded by Russia and it was all state department propaganda

  2. AFAIK, even the Pope isn't supposed to be infallible all the time--only when he speaks ex cathedra, which doesn't happen often. And even then, there was that Limbo thing.

  3. It's a beautifully written piece but the conclusion - that there is a heightened reality beyond the bullshit and an authenticity you can eventually find within everyone - is something I simply don't agree with. "It's there" Johnstone says, but I absolutely do not see it in most people. I don't think there is anything going on behind the screen. All I see is a world where the propaganda and the rituals squeezed everything else out of most people's heads and there's just nothing real left.

  4. Thanks for the link. I had seen her name a couple of times but never read anything. Nothing in the piece i didn't know, but it's nice to know we are not alone, is it not?

  5. You didn't expect to find something about Queen Elizabeth's death earlier today on a thread about a Johnstone article.

  6. She is wide awake writing heartfelt messages to try and wake up and detox an entire world of fully doped people. God bless her for doing it, its a herculean task and one that is going to take decades.. Frustration totally a normal outcome in such a process.

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