1. Was broke af back in 1990. Followed a girl from SoCal to Pawtucket, RI. We were living off of bank account fumes in a small, furnished 1br apt. One afternoon I decided to check the couch for spare change. Heck, who knows how many people had sat on this thing. Has to be some change in its crevices...

  2. OP Posted them to 3 different subs across the last 13 hours and has responded to not a single comment. They are also now deleting their other comments and posts one by one. Fake.

  3. Oh please... it's a Polaroid Camera setup on a tripod (the angle doesn't change at all between photos) and the guy is taking photos of himself to fulfill a fetish. Showing it to more people (like on reddit) is just getting him off even more.

  4. What you didn’t know was he was watching that bench all day until you found those photos and showed serious interest. Then he followed you home and is dreaming up his next photo shoot starring you.

  5. Reminds me of the disappearance of girl named Tara Calico in the 80s. A polaroid that looks like her with a young boy tied up and bound was found in a grocery store parking lot a year after her disappearance. Some eerie stuff.

  6. And what are they going to do? They're gonna throw it in some bin somewhere and forget all about this guy. Maybe they'll suspect OP and imagine how that could go

  7. Interpretive art? I think it's suppose to represent what it's like to live in Portland (and you can't leave). The execution is flawless.

  8. Definitely OP showing off his fetish. There are subs specifically for this stuff but I guess they don’t dole out enough karma.

  9. Just incase report it to police I’d just give it to them, better then it being something legit and them asking you later why you didn’t report it (sorry officer I only thought about internet points I didn’t think it was legit!…)

  10. Why don't we see the white border of the Polaroid? Also since the camera angle is exactly the same in both pics, it means you had the camera on a tripod and took these weird selfies. Weirdo.

  11. Please report this! Even if the cops don't take it seriously at least there will be some sort of a trail when and if he commits a serious crime... Just think BTK when I see these photos...

  12. This looks pretty serious. At the very least should be labelled NSFW. If you found them OP there's an obligation to get involved and report immediately.

  13. wait... why does op have to tell police? dude with a bag and some knives in a bathroom? where is the crime part?

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