1. weirdly, “ant massacres” are not uncommon with this species. short answer is, even experts are unsure. if you look closely, it isn’t eating the ants, only breaking their bodies like Bane on Batman.

  2. Killing them by mutilating them or tearing them apart. This is the equivalent of what hornets do to bees. Just search hornets killing bees to see similar thing.

  3. I used to see these a lot in South Africa. I don't know what the other groups call them, but Sotho languages seem to call them Tsa-Tsa pronounced "Cha-cha".

  4. Pls I'm also south african and have never seen these. Where are they so I can continue to never see them?

  5. There's a bunch of videos of a solifugae camping in front of ant nest openings and massacring anything that comes out, but there's also a

  6. I was thinking they were it’s posse or something, waiting around for it to do whatever it was doing. Standing guard. Idk haha

  7. I was watching Hostel 2 on a PSP in Marjah one night while laying all snug in my jungle bag. I thought I felt something moving and turned the PSP down and one of these fuckers was sitting on my chest. I didn’t sleep for 2 days.

  8. Grew up in New Mexico and one of my first jobs was located at a building kind of out in the desert, so we often had bugs get inside. One time I felt my leg itch and reached down to scratch it but felt nothing. A few minutes later, it happened again, and I moved and out of my pant leg fell a fucking sun spider. I'm not usually squeamish about bugs (minus roaches) but I absolutely lost it and screamed and ran out of the little room I was in. My coworkers all rushed over to see what happened (two other teenage girls and two grown women) and when I told them three of them freaked out and the other one went in and smashed it. It took a while to go down. I feel bad that she killed it, but also my general rule for bugs is don't touch me and you can go about your business, but if you do touch me we (might) have a problem.

  9. When ants are flailing around like that are they actually in pain or are they like little robots still trying to carry out their last instruction with broken parts?

  10. There is pain, and they are perceiving it in some fashion and responding in analogous ways. Is it torturous? It sure looks unpleasant, i assume it would have to be unpleasant to induce panic.

  11. I saw a light brown one of these while camping once. I had no idea what it was, put a pic on inaturalist, and found out about this huge group of animals I never knew existed. I like bugs / spiders so I thought it was cool, but definitely creepy for those who don’t, looks like a weird hybrid creature.

  12. I saw a wind scorpion much lighter in color in the CO foothills. They are super interesting creatures. I gave it a beetle and it just chomped through it seemingly without regard to the beetles exoskeleton. I would not want to get bitten by one of these things.

  13. I was at a pet store that had one of these in a plastic container with really really small air holes punched along the side. That thing was relentlessly attacking one and was making headway chewing its was out.

  14. Did a tour in Afghanistan. Firefights and mortars are fear, but in s controlled way. Expected, and you can react.

  15. Fuck those things! I was more afraid of them than any mortar attacks. Bugs don't bother me but they are prehistoric monsters!

  16. Fuckers follow you. They like shade, and they try to get in your shadow. If you move, they move with you, and they can move fucking faster then alot of people can easily run. Always have to check any place that is dark during the day, because that's where they hang out.

  17. Camel spiders are my absolute nightmare. I was more afraid of them before going to Afghanistan than of the Taliban.

  18. Almost stepped on one barefoot once, after I stepped back to see what the hell it was it started to chase after me. Never been so scared of a bug in my life.

  19. I caught one of these in my home in Texas one time. Came on here, found out what it was, found out it eats other bugs like ants like no tomorrow, and set that hero back into the wild to wage the good war.

  20. I don't think I've seen a camel spider beat a centipede in the ammo-can arena battles. Something like 0-3.

  21. I once went into my bathroom to find a wind scorpion like this (but the smaller brown ones we have in SW USA), a bark scorpion, and a wolf spider. All three died facing one another. In my head canon, they all died in a Tarantino style free for all.

  22. As far as i know, camel spiders are not aggresive as they look but sadly they are prejudiced creatures cuz their appearance

  23. The Nope, also known as the No Nope, Nopity Nope, and Hell Naw. They are an order of animals in the class Nothankyou. Despite the common names, they are neither true Nahhhs nor Nofuckingways.

  24. They are evil monsters, the likes of which should only be kept on reserve for Satan himself to push into your nightmares. Waking up in Afghanistan after a ten hour fire mission, and getting the feeling of having some giant insect crawling on you, and looking to see one of these was enough to make the hardest soldier throw every piece of kit he had, in a sad attempt to kill the rat bastard.

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