1. Seriously though, the dirty thumbnail paired with the electrical tape tightly wrapped around the thumb, along with the holey jeans just makes the post all the more... what the fuck.

  2. But can it really be used as a hammer? Because you know some time you aren't going to be able to find the goddamn hammer but you'll find THIS.

  3. Wash everything in this photo. I can feel the stickiness of that steering wheel. The hammer vibrator is the least WTF thing seen here.

  4. Can we get a picture of the backside of that packaging? It'll probably have the list with all 21 functions. I need to see that.

  5. Yeah, as a factory worker, I can tell you that sometimes the dirt gets in so deep, you can't even get it out of your skin. As for nails, you just wait till it's long enough to clip them, because even if you scrub the shit out of them, they still look brownish at the tips, like the dirt seeps into the keratin.

  6. "It pulls nails, puts them back in, and pleases your wife when you're not capable, just to name a few!"

  7. Awwww boooooribg! I have since gotten rid of some of my sillier ones but when I worked at a toy shop I used to buy all sorts of fun vibes, a unicorn one and a little whale pincher, I would have loved this!

  8. I love that there's someone here with experience. I looked it up and you wasted $120. Damn man. You should at least get some nails and let us know if you can hammer with it. That seems to be the big question.

  9. Oh it’s a Sensuelle, I think! They’re awesome, high quality silicone, banger motors and rechargeable batteries

  10. I can't believe someone with an electrical tape bandage and that much dirt under their nail is getting more action than I am.

  11. So obviously, the clit goes in between the claws and you pull up on it like a nail, you ladies and your weird sex puzzles.

  12. Nah I’m here for this. The soft shape of the face would be perfect for clitoral stimulation, claw could provide G spot stim, and the handle is shaped for internal play, and the head of the hammer provides a natural flange that makes it safe for anal play. It’s a 3 in one, and a fun attempt at one at that!

  13. Am male, picture is of female. Also, there's a thousand manual labor jobs that could have some nails like that.

  14. What’s the 21 functions ? I mean you would think the one function would be to achieve an orgasm…… so what are the other 20 functions ?

  15. Everyone disguested by a bit of dirt under your a nail. Try leaving your basement/ mums house and get a job doing some physical labour and see how much you care than.

  16. The juxtaposition of a $120 surgical grad silicone toy with likely a high quality MagSafe rechargeable battery…coupled with that nasty ass car…very funny

  17. y'all are weird. construction worker roleplay seems like a pretty straightforward thing to do if that's what you're into 🤷‍♀️

  18. Have you ever worked with your hands? Worked on a car or done any kind of manual labor? Your hands get dirty and they stay dirty all day until you get home. The amount of comments saying this about the nails just shows how fucking coddled everyone is.

  19. Electrical tape around the thumb along with dirty ass finger nails. The hammer doesn’t even bother me at this point.

  20. ITT: Dirty nails. Reddit is full of neurotics. I am so glad that the linemen got the power back on after the storm. I thank them, dirty nails and all.

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